Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twitter has fucked my life

So I clearly haven't been updating my blog nearly as much as I should have been but it's not my fault whatsoever...it Twitter. That shit is worse than crack and chocolate because I definitely have a twitter app on my iphone and my G1 which is just bonkers. I think that I need to just update the blog at least twice a day and update my twitter while I am on the go and then check facebook at the end of the day. It's like having a damn part time job but it does pass the time on the boring days when I am not scheming how to take over the world, looking for cars that I don't need to buy, or watching some free movies on ninjavideo.net...

As for updates the Miami Trip is definitely on schedule for the 21-24 but the fucked up part is that I will be missing a day of class to go which wouldn't be as bad if the class wasn't only 4-5 weeks...so yea. Oh yea I am officially back a college student with classes and all, now all I do is get my financial aid in order and I will be golden. I also scheduled my tat for May 1 so there is no turning back now! I have been biking for the last week trying to get back into shape for both the tat and for the Miami trip. I have been only eatin healthy food for the past week as well so yea trying to get my damn life in order and get off the bullshit. I really need to decide how I want to do my tat because I only have 10 days until I am getting it. I am pretty sure I am stick with my original idea but I just want to be sure it will look the best, cuz this shit isn't dry erase lol. I am really hoping to close out all my past problems with April so that starting with May everything is starting new and fresh...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So I had decided that I wasn't going to buy anymore cars until I got a house and got settled with all my finances then I found a gem of a car...like everything perfect...but the car got sold last night and then the new buyer is already selling it back but for 500 more...now realistically I could buy this car but then I would have to wait until my next check comes to finish paying off my bills and such...like I don't really like this idea really. Plus the reality is that I don't have a garage so then it would be sitting outside during the winter defeating the purpose of looking for a car that hasn't been driven in the snow. The problem is that even at the increased price of 500 more dollars this car is still a steal...this shit is crazy I just don't wanna make a bad decision because when it comes to cars I normally do make this mistake. The last piece of the puzzle was that I initially kept telling myself that I wanted to get a manual for all my sports cars because the reality is that I would only be driving them during the summer so its not like its that big of a deal plus with a car like this its almost silly not to have a stick. Decisions decisions...I think that it would be best to just ignore the car even though its a great deal and would be saving me anywhere from 3000-6000 down the road when I got to buy this car a year from now. I think its decisions like this that can make a break other dreams and the fact is the club is number one @ the moment..damn being mature really sucks.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Off to Black Mountain

Man its been a long time since I have updated my blog but now I am going to start getting back to the daily updates. So speaking of updates I have finally been able to start taking care of business in my life with the assistance from my pops...even with him gone he's still taking care of me and the family shit is crazy. But yea with his help I have begun the 1st stage of getting myself debt free and providing some essential tools to aid in my success with both school and business. I am officially a college student again and register for summer classes on April 20th..man I can't even remember the last time I was looking at classes. The biggest news for me is that I finally took care of something that has been irking me for more than half of my life...my vision! Just a few days ago I dropped a good portion of cash down to get my custom Wavefront Technology Lasik Surgery and correct my vision. More than a successful procedure it has made my quality of life dramatically better...this was the best thing I have ever bought in my entire life (next to Sphinx lol). I went from -4.75 to 20/20 vision within minutes and I couldn't be happier. In terms of tricking off I really am not gonna be on that this time around because I really don't have any room for error on my decisions because I want to make sure that we are able to get this building and move to the next level with our business and lives in general.

The one thing that I am doing to give back to myself would be this little vacation to Miami that we are taking for memorial day and I am excited as shit about that because its been way to long since I took a vacation and at this point of my I need and deserve one. I want to continue the tradition that my pops started by having a vacation every year where we go somewhere so this will mark the restart of that. I am hope that he is looking down on me and smiling knowing that I am gonna make him proud.