Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So I had decided that I wasn't going to buy anymore cars until I got a house and got settled with all my finances then I found a gem of a everything perfect...but the car got sold last night and then the new buyer is already selling it back but for 500 realistically I could buy this car but then I would have to wait until my next check comes to finish paying off my bills and I don't really like this idea really. Plus the reality is that I don't have a garage so then it would be sitting outside during the winter defeating the purpose of looking for a car that hasn't been driven in the snow. The problem is that even at the increased price of 500 more dollars this car is still a steal...this shit is crazy I just don't wanna make a bad decision because when it comes to cars I normally do make this mistake. The last piece of the puzzle was that I initially kept telling myself that I wanted to get a manual for all my sports cars because the reality is that I would only be driving them during the summer so its not like its that big of a deal plus with a car like this its almost silly not to have a stick. Decisions decisions...I think that it would be best to just ignore the car even though its a great deal and would be saving me anywhere from 3000-6000 down the road when I got to buy this car a year from now. I think its decisions like this that can make a break other dreams and the fact is the club is number one @ the moment..damn being mature really sucks.

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