Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today was an interesting day for me because I realized that even though I am now 24 (feeling a bit aged lol) that I am still fairly young so I still have plenty of time to learn new things...which has always been my one regret about growing older. With each day that passes thats one less day, hour, minute, and second for me to learn something new and with all the things that I want to learn I have to be very efficient with the time that I have. I want to get some training on auto mechanics (formal training) and body work as well, real estate broker, home inspector, construction trade, and even photography. Knowledge is a great motivator and its the reason that I want to have a successful empire so that I can have the time and resources to spend learning...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


:.A dream is a physical and psychological condition characterized, at the physiological, for the loss of consciousness, the abolition of the motor and the reduction of organic life. In psychological terms, the dream is manifested by a combination of images, apparently without meaning, that psychoanalysts are trying to decipher for therapeutic purposes.:

I have been thinking about what dreams really mean to us in our lives..well in particular myself and my own dreams in relation to my life. I am not talking about a dream to open a nightclub or something like that I am talking REM sleep and actual dreaming of lollipop land and monsters. I normally use my dreams to come up with new ideas or allow me to solve an issue or problem that I am unable to figure out conscious. However there are the few times that when I allow myself to really sleep and as a result I end up having unbounded dreams about anything and everything. At one point in my life I felt as if dreams were potential paths that we either should or are encouraged to take, however I am unsure about that anymore. My other thoughts on dreams were that they were basically there to illustrate the truth about something that we were lying to ourselves about or just were ignorant to their reality. For example, I frequently dream about real estate & buildings that I have seen or just made up in the depths of my mental canvas, which I have redesigned or decorated adding to my empire. This was the evidence to only further the belief and passion in my real estate empire and to this day I still use my dreams to come up with new floor plans and interior designs/layouts. But not all my dreams are revolving around business and economic takeover lol.

I have known who the important people in my life are due to their presence or absence in my dreams and although while some may disagree on this as being my friend detector it has been very accurate so far. The problem though is when I dream about someone or something that I have either given up on or decided that is not the best path for me, yet it still plagues my dreams with its inclusion in the surreal landscape of my mind. I wonder if this is my mind or something "else" telling me that I am ignoring the path that I should be taking or should be exploring my atl law school or IL law school decision was a major one that I was dreaming about and even though I decided on IL I am still dreaming about ATL. Once I make a decision I usually give it alot of thought and consideration on both sides that I have no regrets later on after its too late to change that decision. Yet in this situation I am still having these dreams and its impossible for you to ignore the thoughts that your own mind is creating. Its almost like being counseled by you really can't ignore yourself because no one knows me better than myself.

Then there's the female inclusion in dreams...I am not like the average guy dreaming about slaying a harem of women that's not really dreams are about women I actually know and have some type of connection or involvement with lol. It goes from everything to reliving situations in the past and changing my actions to form new possible outcomes, to creation of new outcomes if things hadn't soured between us, however in the end it always ends up with me realizing in the dream that this isn't real life and I wake up. However I have to continue to ask myself if maybe I am dreaming about these select few because I have an unfinished connection or something...I have always felt that at the end of the day I will get what I want however there are these few...that make this understanding a fallacy. The one thing that is real is the sensations that the dreams create (lol not physical..easy) peace, bliss, satisfaction, warmth, anxiety, nervousness, even love but the intensity passes when I wake. The problem is that there isn't just one person that I am dreaming about so it makes things more complicated because its not like I am just out here like that is "the one" lol its more like "those are the 3-5" lol. The really fucked up part is that no matter how much I say it and even think it the reality is that there is one person out there that to this day is still my kryptonite and I re realized that a few months ago...I dunno...the shit is crazy to me because everything else in my life I can completely control yet this beyond me. I have the willpower to ignore it in day to day and conscious thinking and actions but during the deepest of dreaming I am plagued with the realities of my inner thoughts...but why? I just want to know why? Is this some "if you build it they will come" shit lol. It would be like my dreams we be like "Hey ass this is what you need to do.." because this is shit is confusing and fuck....or just make my dreams about me smashing Eva Mendez or Lauren London or something of that nature.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

on some Bilbo Baggins shit.

Yea I have been on some str8 hobbit shit for the past few weeks...I haven't shaved in about a month (trying to grow a beard or something like it lol cuz Debo said I have a Jew beard), I haven't left my house in a week I just been posted eating, working out, and watching movies and tv shows online (Supernatural is my new addiction I got 4 seasons to get through this weekend). I am sorta on hiatus until I get word on some news I have been waiting on hearing back from for about 2 months pretty much everything is on hold until then. On a side note I am pretty sure what I wanna do with my tats..I think Ima start with the two dragons (good vs evil) on each arm 3/4 sleeves then do a angel and devil tat...this is the problem I got three options:
  1. In the center of my back fairly large angel/devil mix (left side angel; right side devil).
  2. Going on my sides have and angle on the right and have a devil on the right side.
  3. I could just have incorporate the angels into the dragons and mix them some how.
Ima have to get it all worked out one tat at a time...oh goodie..The next season of Supernatural finished downloading...Kris signing off lol

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Workout Plan & Music

So while talking with Debo today we were chatting about him getting a scholarship to play football back in Chicago (congrats again clown) and because of that we both decided that we really need to hit these weights and workout plan. He obviously needs it for football while I am just trying to get huge..well huge'er lol. Currently I am sitting at 193lbs which is the biggest I have ever been before even in my hs track days lol (ahh the wonder years lol)...the funny thing is that I originally was shooting for 195 lol but now I want 220 so now that is my new goal. The hardest part that I used to have was that I could never put on weight because I was always so active but now that I am just working now and not so physically active and eat like 3 fat kids lol I have had less trouble with putting on the pounds. So the key for me to get my weight set at a lean (has to be lean otherwise its pointless) 220-225 would be to hit around 230 and then work it down. So with that I am going to get me a new bike (not ur regular old huffy lol something starting in the $500 range) and start riding 5-10 miles a day since I have shitty knees and it would do more damage to them to jog. Working out is one of the most relaxing and relieving things that I have in my life and it is absolutely necessary for me to stay level headed and keep my anger issues in check (my Ms. Carney can testify to that). Its not that I'm a lose cannon or anything its just the fact is that once I get to that point of no turning back for my anger its definitely a problem...I'm a one man army and I literally become a nightmare. That's a bad thing tho not something I am proud of...hence why I workout to keep that in check.

So workout music...well shit when I ride my bike...well back when I was in Chicago I used to ride along the lake front and ride 10-15 miles daily and I would listen to Linkin Park and that shit was so melodic...I would just be riding and the world be passing me by like I was in moving just moving forward through time...those are still some of the peaceful times of my life. So from Linkin DMX (Slippin' & Damien are my shit) Bone Thugs N Harmony. Actually I have to say that Bone Thugs N Harmony are still in the group of my favorite rappers...niggas forgot that Bone was killing shit in the hip hop world for a minute and I think they are coming back out with a CD..ima grab that shit...from LIMEWIRE lol sorry I got love for them but I got budgets too lol. Anyway not the type of dude who works out and then takes that bathroom shirt off picture...but please believe that after I get my 3/4 sleeve tats I most definitely will have one lol. Ima be one tatted the fuck up lawyer lol..but its whatever I gotta stay true to myself lol...I gotta rep South Shore...well I wont be jumping on limos throwin the C's up (lol had to take a jab at Tiff, but that shit was kinda sexy lol).

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gotta add this to Funniest Quotes of 09

So while watching the Bad Girls Club...(shut the fuck up lol I know ole girl Tiffany from high school...ahh Tiffany every nigga I know remembers Tiffany Torrence lol) anyway...back to the point. SO while watching the show Tiffany is talking to her dude on the phone and he says the most funny shit I have heard so far in the entire year (minus when the gay guy asked me if he could suck my dick because if I closed my eyes it wasn't gay lmao...still #1).

Tiff: "What you doing?"
Dude: "Smoking a blunt and cleaning my gat" thats whats good in the hood these days?? lol now I know I have come a long way from south shore...(76th & coles right off the IC Tracks...yea..Rainbow Beach but damn this is what niggas be on just smoking blunts, talking to your chick on the phone and cleaning the gat. That nigga is multitasking lol...cuz to clean a gun, uses both hands so he's talking on the phone with that shit on his ear and shoulder, all while balancing a blunt on his lip lol..amazing. But the funniest shit is that the fucking oxygen channel spelled out the word "Gat" ...lmao fucking hilarious...millions of white people across the country are looking that shit up now like wtf is a Gat? lol probably thinking they meant cat lol...ahh fucking hilarious.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Material Things

I have been wondering for some time now if I am a bad or shallow person because I like shit such as cars, clothes, electronics, houses, and pretty much a bunch of other shit I probably don't need. Well I have decided that I am not a bad person at all and that its ok for me and others to want more and more shit and not to be just "happy with what we got." The fact is I came from nada and had the desire to have certain things not because people think that they are the "must have" item but sometimes just because I like the shit. Take fore example vehicles...ahh my love of cars...I don't think its ridiculous to have numerous cars even if I don't drive them all the time because cars and driving is something I love. I think that if I bought something like a RollsRoyce then that would be materialistic because I don't like those kind of cars and that wouldn't be true to me. I think that as long as you remain true to yourself and don't become a sellout lol you will be good.

Keeping that in mind I have decided that I actually need to keep that in mind when it comes to chicks (ladies lol sorry if I sound like a dick head lol) because if I get a girl that is all about shopping walmart or target and feels that trendy clothes or expensive cars are frivolous then we won't work out too well. Now slow up before I get some backlash on that statement so I can explain my psychology here lol. If I think these items are important and part of the reason that I am working as hard as I do is toward these things and she doesn't have the same feelings or understanding that it will create problems. For example lets say she feels as though I am neglecting her for my work then she will immediately attribute it to I am neglecting her for these "things" [ work = things; work > her:. things > her] yea I had to hit yall with an equation lol, thanks PHIL 103. That doesn't mean im going for some gold digging chick trying to take half my shit (good try scallywag better read that prenup lol), I just need to make sure I have someone that is a little "materialistic" lol. Plus I have been listening to that Jamie Foxx song "She Got Her Own" and I have to say that if I didn't mind the potential mean mugs I would have that shit playing at my wedding. Like that dumb ass song that women seem to love from Beyonce "Independent Woman"...that shit was "She Got Her Own" is my shit because not only is she independent she is putting something into the deal. She not only can buy her own shit but if it came down to it she buy me some shit too, not that I am saying I need that but the option is nice.

This is a tip for the women out here...just are a boss in your own right and got your own shit (car, clothes, home, etc..) and then you get you a man who is also a boss and has his own shit right? Ok so now you two compliment each other right so now you start expecting shit (not all women but the majority fit this category) so you are thinking "ok well he makes good money and he knows I like " ______" so he should be able to buy that for me. Granted we all know you can buy it yourself but you want him to get it for you cuz he's your baby and all that bullshit lol. Personally I say that's some bullshit but ok I am usually that goofy nigga wine and dining lol so yea I grab you that "______" and you are all happy and like yay thanks boo and show your girls and they are like "Girl your man is the shit blah blah blah." SO not only did you get your thing but you also got to be the top chick in front of your girls but what do I have to show for myself?? Ok so you got a smile on your face lol...but all I see is a damn Misc. Expense in my Excel spreadsheet. This gets me to the point...where the fuck is my gift?! If you are a boss you should be out at the damn BMW dealership talking about "Yea I know my man loves this M5 in black with all the options...oh, its almost 100k? That's ok..ima boss wrap that shit up." Ok so maybe that was a bit extreme of an example..but the point is this..if you guy goes and grabs you that Fendi Handbag, why don't you step up to the plate and go grab that nigga a Macbook Pro...or he dropped you that Tiffany bracelet with matching ring, and you hit him with a Louis Vuitton Presidente' Briefcase...I mean it doesn't have to be quid pro quo, but you can't have the scales tipping in your favor because eventually he is gonna see you as just another bill and not a partner. Guys like Louis Vuitton shit too lol.

Behind Door Number 1...

I have been feeling lately that my life's decision are similar to a game show where you make a choice out of a select few and the suspense builds before you open the door you selected to reveal your outcome. Right now I am at one of these decision and I really wish that I could get a peek behind the different doors so I can make a more informed decision because just like on the game show I will only get one chance at making the best choice. The real problem is the fact that the choice I make can dramatically change not only my life but the lives close to me so a lot is riding on my shoulders. In addition to this decision I have a large problem in my path that needs some quick resolution for my timetable and plans to be put back on track, primarily me getting back into school this semester at U of I. I have done a lot of research on Illinois law schools and I think I am going to make my choices in order of rank starting with Univ. of Chicago, Northwestern, and Univ of IL, however with the 2 year accelerated JD program offered at Northwester I might have switch the first two. The sooner I can get done with law school the better because it will allow me to be done with the whole preliminaries of having to go back to school. I would prefer to finish my education in 3.5 years because that would mean that I am only two years off, had I finished school on time and went straight through to law school.

The main thing for me is to get back into Univ of IL this semester and take the Real Estate Agent and Property Management course at Parkland so that I can get both certificates at the same time I am finishing my classes for my undergraduate degree. I have to remain focused on getting my finances in order so that I can be prepared to purchase my first rental property in Chicago by this time next year...which translates to me having saved 100,000 in cash while at the same time having zero debt. That in essence means $8334.00 per month since I am not pushing that soft white and I doubt I can find me a part time gig making that it means I am going to have to get a mean hustle. I need to have a little chat with my investment go to guy who is a day trader and see what he projects he can do in year or to see what he thinks is necessary for him to make 100k from investing in a year. The main thing that I need to cut my frivolous spending and just cut back so that I can get my building and then I get that shit, which means no bike, SUV, or any other big purchase. I am going to try and refinance my school loans primarily my Sallie Mae (bitch) and see if it would be better for me to put that my Dept. of Education Loan together as one. Decisions decisions.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Addiction to Innovation

So I have decided that I am addicted to innovations...what the hell am I talking about? Why am I up at 4am writing in this hollow blog about what I am addicted to?..well this blog has become my outlet to those who carry to read it and those who don't...its basically turning on your kitchen sink and releasing the pressure built up containing those familiar words H2O that we call water. This blog is my outlet of all my ideas, thoughts, imaginative thoughts, irritations, decisions, answers, wants, passions, and my innovations. This is my virtual show and tell of my entire life...well not entire life lol, but it allows me to reveal things that matter to me without having to grab a loudspeaker and a lawn chair and posting up on the quad and giving my daily informational about what's going on with me. Well back to the point...the title of this addition to innovation. I think that I am truly addicted to being innovative because its has imprisoned my sense of reason and implores me to ignore the realm of rational amenities such as sleeping and distractions from work. The problem is that although some would conclude from the aforementioned statement that I am a prisoner of my work..however to the contrary not only have I become accustomed to my impractical lifestyle but it has become euphoric to my well being and sense of satisfaction. When I come up with a new idea, design, thought, or vision that will somehow impact change, illustrate a hidden beauty or display my own imagination into some tangible and visual, I am enthralled in a feeling of pure satisfaction and completeness that is uncontrollable and truly a natural "high" of my addiction.

My anti drug is thought...imagination...dreams...anything that is in the spectrum of mental conceptualization.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Designs and the Answer

Well I decided on the answer that I have been looking for and I have come to the decision that I am not going to move to Atlanta to attend Emory for law school and instead stay here in IL and attend an IL based law school. I am unsure whether or not I will be attending law school at Univ. of IL at Champaign or another Chicago school such as Northwestern or Univ. of Chicago, however regardless of where I am going to go it will be cheaper then if I were going to Emory. I am going to get information on all three of the schools and see who has the best real estate law program since that is what I want to practice. I am going to make sure that I get the highest I can get on my LSAT so I can try and get a full ride so that in case I don't want to be a Graduate Counselor that I won't have to be. The one thing I need to consider is that Univ. of IL offers a program that allows me to get into law school without even taking the LSAT and I am sure it will come with even more options for tuition offers. I am a bit relieved that I won't have to worry about this anymore and can focus on my real estate business, nightclub, and my personal real estate projects. I think I am going to try and get a part time job in either real estate or bartending.

The other thing that I was able to do was come up with some more potential designs for both my rental units and also my personal unit. I think that the designs I have are going to appeal to more students and people who want to have realistic yet upscale living spaces, especially with all the extras I am trying to include. For example I am thinking of offering pool tables or dining rooms tables for rent that can be placed into the dining room of the campus units, which is great for people who don't use formal dining rooms to eat like most college students. I have plenty of other ideas that I am currently working with I am thinking of creating a poll so that I can see what people like and dislike about their current rentals. I am going to continue to make more designs as well as start looking at the housing available in the area although at the present moment I am not interested in doing rental homes solely from the experience I have had living in them. I also need to start looking at some of the comparable units in the area so that I can not only match and surpass their amenities but also make sure that rent price is also comparable.

This is the design I made for my personal unit which will be made by combining two separate units on the same floor. That way I will have the floor all to myself and not have to worry about being bothered by anyone, especially since I want to live on the top floor...peep the workout room lol fucking serious.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Location Location Location

There has been a multitude of things on my mind lately about where I plan to be in the next 2-5 years primarily because my decision can impact either a positive, negative, or neutral effect on my life (and others). Initially my plan was decided: I would go back to U of I for 3 more semesters and finish up then go to Atlanta to attend Emory Law School. January of 2010 I would buy my building in Chicago and start my personal property monopoly in Bronzeville along with having my first place in Chicago for me to come home to. In addition to all of this we would have purchased the building in Champaign and the club would be up and running and be doing well with its new GM. The problem with this plan: I would be able to put as much work into the club as I wanted to originally and see it grow, nor my building in Chicago and would have to direct and supervise via cameras, telephones and financial data. The good thing about this plan is that I am able to simultaneously start three of my paths (club, personal real estate, & law school) and do something for me by going to Atlanta.

My next plan is similar to the first one except instead of going to Atlanta for law school I stay at Univ. of IL, Northwestern, or University of Chicago and that way I can focus on the club and directly effect its growth, as well as focusing on my real estate efforts in Chicago and if there are any issues I am only minutes to an hour away. This plan is seemingly getting to be a better and better solution for me primarily because I want to be able to ensure that these two projects are doing well and prefer to have my hands in the bowl rather than waiting for the finished dish. Not to mention I would have a larger support group by staying in IL and I know the areas better than Atlanta which would be entirely new for me to have to relearn.

The last plan is a little bit loopy because it would sorta be a mixture of all my ideas into one. Basically I would go stay at one of the IL law schools for a year and then transfer to Atlanta in my 2nd year and finish my law degree there. That way I can ensure that my business is doing well (at least 2 full years for the club and 1 full year for my building) and I will still have the opportunity to move and live somewhere else for a few years and see what Atlanta has to offer me. Along with this plan is the side plan of just buying a place in Atlanta and staying there for the summer and winter breaks, which will allow me to not only have my escape but also the ability to keep close eyes on my business.

So many decisions...the one thing that is for sure is that I will be finishing up my undergrad degree within the next three semesters so that by may 2010 I will be done, along with that I will have a building in Chicago that I will be renting out and living in as well. The last for sure is that I will be going to law school...somewhere...the where is the question...suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Design Possibilty #1

Well I had to start this post off right by calling out a few people lol...Carmen shut the hell up you creep lol and go to're still my buddy tho but your also still a creep. Ms. need you to take your mind numbingly gorgeous ass to sleep lol and stop scouring all the Baskin Robbins of Cali lol for that Mint ice cream you seem to be scouring for at these outrageous hours. Somebody needs to J. Holiday both of yall lol. Anyway...on to why I am writing this post at 5am. Well I just finished my first design of my potential unit, which obviously is dependent on alot of factors but regardless this is my first interior layout...any questions on what something is just. Please don't steal my shit because I don't wanna walk in someone's crib and see this shit because I will start wrecking shop in your home lmao.

The main thing about this design is that it stays with my open flow yet spots are clearly defined as their own environments. The basic layout of the space is that as you walk in through the central entrance you walk down/up a set of steps and to your left is the more private quarters (bathrooms & accessory rooms); while to the right is more of the communal spaces such as kitchen & living room. I created a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath unit that also includes my much loved steam room in the main units bathroom, although I might change the design of the master bathroom to that of the main units so I can have the steam room in my bathroom lol. I decided to stay in the minimalist design for each of the bedrooms with just the essentials and not too much clutter with furniture and other shit. I love the fact that I was able to get not only a workout room surrounded by mirrors (although those that workout with me know I never use them when I workout) but also one of the best things in the unit: the library/office! I intend on using floor to ceiling bookcases to go along on the entire left side of that wall, along a desk and chaise or sofa for me to sit on and read or listen to music and relax. I plan on using glass panels for the outer walls for both the workout room and library.

Then beyond this space you are confronted by two brick columns where a wall of glass with glass sliding/open doors are in front of you that led to the living room & kitchen areas. The first thing you see will be a black carpeted pool table and to your right you will see a "L" shaped sectional with a large square cushion with removable top to store blankets etc. and a glass/wood/steel coffee table. To your left will be the kitchen that will have stainless steel appliances throughout and 4-5 seat breakfast bar and a place to eat and drink (mostly drink if its my friends lol). Continuing forward you will see the patio doors in front of you and the dining room to your left that has a large sold table (maybe with some from of metal accents) that seats 10. I plan to create a set of shelving/storage that goes in the form of a "U" from the sides and back of the living room that will store time to beef up the collection. The other cool thing is that instead of doing another plasma I will use a projector so that it can be more of a movie atmosphere and more people can enjoy for those with bad vision lol, plus it will be cheaper since I am already getting three plasma screen for the bedrooms. The patio will be a simple patio with two chairs and cushions but with the addition of another one of my favorite things...a HAMMOCK!!! My life is all about relaxation...well it will be lol...and my home will be my place to relax and get away. Comments WANTED!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

IKEA, interior design, imagination...and keeping budget

I am totally in infatuated with bamboo flooring off all kinds of colors, stains, and even styles (wide plank, vertical strand, horizontal etc..). Which is why every single property that I own either jointly or singularly will have flooring of bamboo in place of traditional hardwood. In my mind I wanted to mix the naturally light pine colored bamboo with something a darker like an espresso or walnut color and have them stripe similar to these pictures. I was so happy to actually see an example of my idea being used so I can get a clear idea of how it would look in a real environment...and its fucking hott! The one thing I would want to play around with is the layment of the wood in contrast with the property. What I mean is in the picture they decided to go with a diagonal lay going right..I would want to get an idea of how it would like if it was laid vertically or horizontally, the opposite diagonal, or even
herring bone style (parquet) just so I can get all my options in front of me. I think that I will stick with keep the majority of my units a solid color, and make the penthouse unit like the real treat since it will always cost more. It would be really nice if I could find a way to make the roof of these units accessible by the tenants to make some sort of roof patio, they have them in downtown Chicago and new york all over the place. I think the main thing I will have to do is find a place where I can get a bulk supply of bamboo, stone (granite, marble, travertine, and ceramic tile. I am totally opposed to all things carpet lol...i fucking hate carpet and it looks like shit to rugs and textiles I am totally not opposed to. The main thing I need to figure out is what I am plan to include with all my units and what I need to leave for the tenant to purchase because I know I can get a bit buck wild when it comes to hooking a space up and I need to remember that these fuckers aren't inclined to take care of this shit and if they fuck it up ima wanna slap the shit outta someone and I can be slapping my tenants. At the present time I am thinking of staying with stainless steel appliances: microwave, oven (gas or electric still needs to be decided), dishwasher, and refrigerator and getting all the same kind for each unit. The only unit that may be different from the rest is the penthouse units, which may have a slightly more upscale version of each but its all dependent on the price and my bottom line, or I could just sell the penthouse units as condos...all depends.

There are also a few things that I want each building to have: updated boiler & central HVAC, updated circuitry with GFCI in all units, iron fence, adjacent parking lot/spaces, surveillance system with night lighting for parking lots, free wifi to my tenants, and outside meeting area that can be rented lol (barbecue pits lol).

I need to find a good interior designer that I can work with on all my projects that is relatively young or at least will provide me a discount if a continue to use them on my projects either per city or state...or if they are really a beast on all my real estate projects permanently. I have been searching through IKEA's website for the past 15hrs and I am thoroughly impressed with their different designs that they have and even their model rooms that are actually using the items in the space. I want to Chicago and just spend a day in both IKEA as well as other major Chicago furniture, and design stores/boutiques. There are plenty of different things that I want and I think that the best way for me to furnish/design my own spot would be to focus room by room so that I don't lose focus on the theme and design each room will have. I hope that I can build a office/library/music room in my own unit that is filled with floor to ceiling bookcases, a sofa or chaise for me to sit and read or listen to music, and a desk for me to work out my own designs and ideas with my files, computer, printer, and music. The shit is gonna be so retarded...people will never wanna leave my place lol.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In the end..

I have realized today that in the majority of my life I have gotten what I wanted in the end of the trials and tribulations that I went through to get it...and this isn't just for material things...its has happened from jobs, grades, women, even my damn dog lol. Then I was thinking what it is that allows me to be able to say this and I think its the fact that at the end of the day I am willing to do whatever it takes to get what I am seeking. I think the main reason that people don't get the things they want is because they eventually will give up or lessen the intensity of their strife. The other thing that I have realized is that in the situations where I didn't get what I wanted was because I either gave up prematurely, didn't really want it deep down (or at least not enough to work for it), or I got something alternatively that took its place. I think that most people need to realize that with things in this world and even people, you are not the only person that may want what you want so you are going to really have to fight and be PATIENT to get what you want. One side note that I will say is this...decide if what you are seeking and sacrificing to get is really worth it...because after you get it you don't want to regret the journey that you took to reach your destination.
Everyone read this shit...definitely a really smart and innovative idea

Monday, January 5, 2009


So now I am stuck with a bunch of new decisions that I need to make about my first personal real estate purchase...I originally had in my mind the idea that only planned to spend about 400-450k and throw down 100k for the down payment, however after looking at the properties in this price range I am no longer sure about this. The fact remains that this place will also be my personal home so I want to make sure to get something not only that will make me a profit and is a good investment, but also something I will feel happy to live in myself. The price range that I am now looking at is the 700-750k price range which although is way out of my initial comfort level I have to keep in mind that the cost of the building will be paid for through the profits since I am not taking any profit from the building. As long as I use the rents to pay for the insurance, taxes, and mortgage for the property and place the rest of the profits that are made from the rents into the same account so that double mortgage payments are made to pay off the mortgage faster. I can have the building paid off faster which will be better for me in the long run because I will only have to pay for the taxes and insurance and have a larger base of income coming to me from the property which can in turn go towards the other future buildings to pay them off faster as well.

My other option would be to purchase a smaller building such as a 2-4 unit building for less and purchase that and not keep a unit for myself and simply rent out all the units and start collecting a profit on that which in turn will lead to the down payment for the 2nd building. The 2nd building will be the one that I will take a unit from for myself and will cost more than the first building. The only problem with this idea is that I personally don't like it lol because it doesn't leave me with any property that I can actually live in when I am in Chicago. Additionally if I need to come to Chicago for any reason I won't be able to feel comfortable to take care of business because I will be at my mom's house..and that shit is wack lol. Lastly I can't really entertain any future businesses investors or partners at my mom's place so it would make sense for me to at least have a place for that...companies with company headquarters look more legitimate. I would have less of a down payment as well and could have the building paid off a whole lot sooner. But if I get the more expensive building I could also charge more for rent which would be a parallel situation of me being able to pay off the property sooner. I need to crunch some numbers a bit more and figure out a financial strategy for both plans and then weigh which one is more viable. I am going to give my cousin Taji a buzz and see what he thinks about my ideas since he already has 4-5 properties in Chicago and has a property management company.

My next main focus will be on acquiring my down payment and any financial assistance I can get from the City of Chicago, the neighborhood of Bronzeville, the State of Illinois, &/or Gov't...ahhh decisions.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Security, Safety, and Extras

So after hanging out with my guy Mac at his crib last night I started thinking a lot of security of my building that I plan on getting in a year from now in bronzeville that will also serve as my Chicago residence. I think the most important function of the security will serve to protect my future investment as well as my home. I have the experience to install the system myself however I think it might be better if I hired a company like Brinks to do it and just pay for their service. The problem with this is though it might not be worth the price of paying for the service when I can just have my brother go over to my property from time to time and just spend the night there. What I think I just might do is to see what the price of having a surveillance system installed in building would cost me, depending on the cost I will just do it myself. I could have cameras installed inside the hallways, outside entrance, and possibly outside each door way, this way they can buzz people into the building and see who's outside their door so I don't have to use peep holes. This would be relatively inexpensive while at the same time providing a greater sense of sophistication and security for my tenants. Along with this I will have an alarm system installed in my personal unit and give the code to my brother so that he could go over there to check on my apartment and the building in general.

In addition to all of this I am pretty sure that I am going to offer free wireless Internet for the entire building which shouldn't be that large of an expense in the long run. With only 4-6 tenants it won't be that large of a mbps strain, however I will have to include security measures like passwords and any other precautions to protect the overall system. I will also have to include precautions that will cover me for people who are making illegal downloads, so that in case they are caught I won't be liable. I will also have to check the cost of having Ethernet ports installed throughout the building. So if I were to use comcast business I would be able to get everything I need along with the equipment and installation to wire the entire building for Internet.

Along with this I need to make sure that the property I get has the major appliances that will be needed such as a refrigerator, stove, washer & dryer, however from my past experience with renting people tend not to take proper care of such property. I think it would be important for me to try and find some used equipment such as open box or craigslist to find some good equipment so that I can provide some quality at a reasonable price. In addition to this i should at least start making some numbers so I can get an idea of how much the renovations will cost along with the price of equipment needed for each tenant...this is going to take a lot of planning and thinking and hopefully I will be able to stay in the price range of 100-150k for complete renovations. Tomorrow I plan to make a list of all things that each apartment will need and what I want to renovate for each apartment. Along with this I am going to start making plans for all the stuff that I am going to need for my own apartment, however I am not going to buy anything except for the things that I will need such as a refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer and a bed frame (lol kinky lol). Even though its over a year out it would be important to have all my figures accounted for to plan accordingly.

"Failing to plan is planning to Fail..."

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photography + Camping

I have been really excited about getting my new photography equipment (Nikon D90 & Canon Vixia HG21) for some time now so that I can have some me time. Taking pictures and videos has always been a passion and desire of me for years now and I feel that I now have the time to actually pursue this even further. I actually am planning to mix my love of the outdoors & camping with my passion for photography especially because I am big on scenic shots and landscapes. This is only furthering my interest of getting my Jeep Grand Cherokee, because then I can really go camping and can even bring friends or Sphinx. I am going to start researching some parts that might be good spots to go camping at and then start pricing how much the equipment will cost me. I am pretty sure of a few things already in terms of gear needed: Sleeping bag, Tent (they have the kind that can attach the the rear tailgate of the Cherokee!), Outdoors Coat, Camping Backpack, Beretta M9A1 (I already have my shotgun but I would prefer to have both with me), Hiking Shoes, Climbing Shoes, Climbing Harness, Climbing Rope & the usual camping needs like a first aid kit, food, flashlight, batteries, matches, lighter, flare gun, radio, M.R.E.'s, ammo...I am sure there are plenty of things I am forgetting at the moment but alot of this shit I already have or can get pretty easily from the Champaign Surplus store.

I also am going to have to decide who I want to take with me because I think I am going to on on a solo trip with sphinx, then take a another person, then go with a group. The only thing is though that when you go camping its not like if the person pisses you off you can just go your separate you are stuck with this person for at least 2-3 days so I would like to get someone that isn't going to make we wanna swallow a bullet or two. I am not expecting people to have the same avid love of the outdoors as I do but can at least appreciate the sheer beauty of it all would be great. I am going to have to wait to go on this trip until after I get my lasik surgery because nothing would suck more than going on a trip like this and lose a contact or break my damn specs...I would be fuckin pissed. I am shooting for either sometime in the dead of winter or sometime in the summer...either way I can't fucking wait.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Take Take Take...Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

I have always felt like the world was on my shoulders and I still do from everything to family life, business, and just in general. I understand that its my natural tendency and nature to try and take on the most responsibility and workload but at the same time most of it just is placed in my lap as just being part of the things that I am supposed to take care of. I don't remember signing up for that and I am starting to get tired to being expected to just "take care of things" when there is an issue or problem. I feel that I am more then generous with the amount of myself that I give to others yet there are just so many people that not only believe that I am not giving enough but have the audacity to suggest that I am only thinking of myself or selfish...Selfish? I can really be selfish if I wanted to and stop giving a fuck...But then I will still be the bad guy. So many people close to me know that I try to take on everything and suggest that I stop it however I am always like if I don't do it, who will. Well maybe we should find out who will because after I find some "clarity" I just might do that. I might just start thinking just about me, since apparently that's all I do anyway.

I think I will pick a month and dedicate that month only to me...hmmm now to pick a good month.

My 2009 To Do list..not resolutions

Every year people always come up with some resolutions that they have about their lives that they plan to put into action with the new year, however I have always thought this was silly because why wait for the marking of a new year to make changes in your life? Why not put your plan into action right when you feel the need for change? This is why I don't have New Year's resolutions, but rather I have a set of things that I would like to accomplish within a year's time frame that way its not as if I have simply waited until the culmination of a "ball drop" to say "ok now its time for me to stop putting this off and make some changes." So with that being said I have a pretty optimistic view of how 2009 will be for my life.

The first and most drastic change will be that I am returning to school to finish my studies at the Univ. of Il and finally fucking graduate! I am actually kinda excited about doing this because even though I have never been a big fan of school I have always been a advent seeker of knowledge and higher learning. With that being said now that I have a direct purpose and path that I am eager to seek, it will be with open arms I embrace this task that lies before me of completing my undergraduate college education. I plan to simultaneously take the necessary classes as well to get my real estate license if possible while in school this spring or if necessary during the summer if the courses are available at that time. I don't think that I would be able to finish the necessary classes within this semester so what I will do is work as hard as possible to try and overload my schedule so that I can take as many classes as I can now and next fall so that during the spring when I am gearing to graduate and leave for Atlanta I will have a lighter course load.

In addition to this we will take the final steps to acquire the building which will be the site of our company headquarters, or Champaign residence, and our nightclub that we and I am sure many others have been desperately awaiting. The excitement for this step has been building slowly for over 3 years now from its simple mental conception to now and soon something much more tangible and real. I will take the necessary steps to quickly acclimate to the new working situation so that I can not only perfect the craft within a year's time but also be able to pass the reins to my successor after I graduate and have to leave for Atlanta. Although this is my baby I must not dedicate my time and energy to the success of only one project because that would be a travesty in limiting my capability and potential. In addition to this I will have the necessary means and equipment to make it as if I were there even when I am not. I know from my training and experience how to allow my financial data paint a clear picture of how my business is doing with me not there. If I teach them the system and they use the system, then there won't be a problem whatsoever at reach the results that I am expecting.

I plan to live my life more fully now and not focus solely on my work because I feel that if I don't I will simply ignore quite possibly the best years of my life and that will be the biggest failure of all. I plan to indulge in new passions and interests, while at the same time resurrecting old ones, such as dancing and martial arts. I plan to devote more time to my physical training which will also involve a change of eating habits and diet. I plan to start dancing again because I can still remember how much fun and excitement that brought me when I used to do that in high school. I plan to get outdoors much more often by going camping/hiking with sphinx, which will also give me the opportunity to get more into my photography. I hope to also get the time to get more training with my rock climbing as well so I plan to create the budget so that I can get me some full outdoors gear such as a tent, bag, climbing gear, hiking shoes, camp tools, and anything else I might need. Along with that I plan to sell my car at some point and time to get a SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee) that I have been wanting and needing for a while, due to the love for the outdoors and sphinx.

The last thing that I plan to do is be more open to the affairs of the heart...I have been closed off to others for a long time for a few reasons, and now that my life has found a stronger direction and purpose I feel that I shouldn't simply build and empire then start looking for someone. It would be much wiser of me to build my empire and recognize when the person who may or may not be a good partner comes along, but at least I will accept the possibility for once. I am going to start thinking of me a little more..which doesn't mean I won't think of others as much but I won't sacrifice my own happiness or allow it to take the back seat anymore. Besides someone has already sparked a bit of interest with me...and I plan to pursue to see what comes of it, what the hell right? I have always been a sucker for a pretty smile lol.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's

Last night was an interesting New Year's Eve to say the I decided to stay in good ole' Champaign instead of heading back to Chicago and I have to say it was a very interesting evening...that's probably the only word I can use to effectively describe it...hell I laugh just remembering the silly shit of last night. So to start the night off me Moe and my dude Max hit Walmart to get some booze lol and the fun begins lol. So its like 9:30pm and they only have 1 fuckin line open lol and there is like 7 people waiting in line, with this little Asian dude returning a bottle of lotion (lol that's funny in itself). Then they decide to open another line which was a great idea in theory...however they kept a under 21 cashier on the line where alcohol was sold so anytime someone wanted booze they would have to wait until the other cashier could come over and process it. So I tried to give them a tip and say why not just put the other cashier on the other line and just have the lady who is over 21 stay in the booze line...I guess this made to much sense because they just looked confused as fuck like they didn't get what I was saying.

So then we decide to hit the streets and try to go to Boltini..that shit was at capacity which was very surprising but we just said fuck it lets keep moving...then we head over to Cowboy Monkey the door man says its I look in my pocket for a quarter then I realize this crackhead meant dollars...I almost wanted to slap him as well as myself for saying it was $25 to go in there. Plus I left my wallet at home so we had to swing back and grab that musta be a sign no to be stupid enough to pay for that shit lol. So then we knew the only place to go lol...chester street! Only $10 bucks and fun as shit as usual, if you aren't a fuckin homophobe of course. So as usual the curly hair and boyish good looks got me a bit of attention in this harem of sexed charged party goers lol, however most of the attention came from those who not only wanted some penis that evening but also had one of their own lol. So being propositioned to getting head from a guy lol I figured it might be time to head to the crib before someone slipped me a mickey...this also led to the funniest shit I heard all night, "If you close your eyes and don't know who's suck your dick its not really gay if you like it." WTF...yea this was actually said to me lol...I mean unlike most I take this shit as a flattery lol...some guys have chicks on their jock but I got chicks and dudes lmao. On a side note I kinda got a small understanding of how women feel in the club with a bunch of hungry niggas trying to slip it in you all night lol...

The best part of the night I can't put out on the blog but it was definitely fucking hilarious lol...but the point is...09 should definitely be a good and interesting year if this if how its starting off lol.