Wednesday, January 21, 2009


:.A dream is a physical and psychological condition characterized, at the physiological, for the loss of consciousness, the abolition of the motor and the reduction of organic life. In psychological terms, the dream is manifested by a combination of images, apparently without meaning, that psychoanalysts are trying to decipher for therapeutic purposes.:

I have been thinking about what dreams really mean to us in our lives..well in particular myself and my own dreams in relation to my life. I am not talking about a dream to open a nightclub or something like that I am talking REM sleep and actual dreaming of lollipop land and monsters. I normally use my dreams to come up with new ideas or allow me to solve an issue or problem that I am unable to figure out conscious. However there are the few times that when I allow myself to really sleep and as a result I end up having unbounded dreams about anything and everything. At one point in my life I felt as if dreams were potential paths that we either should or are encouraged to take, however I am unsure about that anymore. My other thoughts on dreams were that they were basically there to illustrate the truth about something that we were lying to ourselves about or just were ignorant to their reality. For example, I frequently dream about real estate & buildings that I have seen or just made up in the depths of my mental canvas, which I have redesigned or decorated adding to my empire. This was the evidence to only further the belief and passion in my real estate empire and to this day I still use my dreams to come up with new floor plans and interior designs/layouts. But not all my dreams are revolving around business and economic takeover lol.

I have known who the important people in my life are due to their presence or absence in my dreams and although while some may disagree on this as being my friend detector it has been very accurate so far. The problem though is when I dream about someone or something that I have either given up on or decided that is not the best path for me, yet it still plagues my dreams with its inclusion in the surreal landscape of my mind. I wonder if this is my mind or something "else" telling me that I am ignoring the path that I should be taking or should be exploring my atl law school or IL law school decision was a major one that I was dreaming about and even though I decided on IL I am still dreaming about ATL. Once I make a decision I usually give it alot of thought and consideration on both sides that I have no regrets later on after its too late to change that decision. Yet in this situation I am still having these dreams and its impossible for you to ignore the thoughts that your own mind is creating. Its almost like being counseled by you really can't ignore yourself because no one knows me better than myself.

Then there's the female inclusion in dreams...I am not like the average guy dreaming about slaying a harem of women that's not really dreams are about women I actually know and have some type of connection or involvement with lol. It goes from everything to reliving situations in the past and changing my actions to form new possible outcomes, to creation of new outcomes if things hadn't soured between us, however in the end it always ends up with me realizing in the dream that this isn't real life and I wake up. However I have to continue to ask myself if maybe I am dreaming about these select few because I have an unfinished connection or something...I have always felt that at the end of the day I will get what I want however there are these few...that make this understanding a fallacy. The one thing that is real is the sensations that the dreams create (lol not physical..easy) peace, bliss, satisfaction, warmth, anxiety, nervousness, even love but the intensity passes when I wake. The problem is that there isn't just one person that I am dreaming about so it makes things more complicated because its not like I am just out here like that is "the one" lol its more like "those are the 3-5" lol. The really fucked up part is that no matter how much I say it and even think it the reality is that there is one person out there that to this day is still my kryptonite and I re realized that a few months ago...I dunno...the shit is crazy to me because everything else in my life I can completely control yet this beyond me. I have the willpower to ignore it in day to day and conscious thinking and actions but during the deepest of dreaming I am plagued with the realities of my inner thoughts...but why? I just want to know why? Is this some "if you build it they will come" shit lol. It would be like my dreams we be like "Hey ass this is what you need to do.." because this is shit is confusing and fuck....or just make my dreams about me smashing Eva Mendez or Lauren London or something of that nature.

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