Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gotta add this to Funniest Quotes of 09

So while watching the Bad Girls Club...(shut the fuck up lol I know ole girl Tiffany from high school...ahh Tiffany every nigga I know remembers Tiffany Torrence lol) anyway...back to the point. SO while watching the show Tiffany is talking to her dude on the phone and he says the most funny shit I have heard so far in the entire year (minus when the gay guy asked me if he could suck my dick because if I closed my eyes it wasn't gay lmao...still #1).

Tiff: "What you doing?"
Dude: "Smoking a blunt and cleaning my gat" thats whats good in the hood these days?? lol now I know I have come a long way from south shore...(76th & coles right off the IC Tracks...yea..Rainbow Beach but damn this is what niggas be on just smoking blunts, talking to your chick on the phone and cleaning the gat. That nigga is multitasking lol...cuz to clean a gun, uses both hands so he's talking on the phone with that shit on his ear and shoulder, all while balancing a blunt on his lip lol..amazing. But the funniest shit is that the fucking oxygen channel spelled out the word "Gat" ...lmao fucking hilarious...millions of white people across the country are looking that shit up now like wtf is a Gat? lol probably thinking they meant cat lol...ahh fucking hilarious.