Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Behind Door Number 1...

I have been feeling lately that my life's decision are similar to a game show where you make a choice out of a select few and the suspense builds before you open the door you selected to reveal your outcome. Right now I am at one of these decision and I really wish that I could get a peek behind the different doors so I can make a more informed decision because just like on the game show I will only get one chance at making the best choice. The real problem is the fact that the choice I make can dramatically change not only my life but the lives close to me so a lot is riding on my shoulders. In addition to this decision I have a large problem in my path that needs some quick resolution for my timetable and plans to be put back on track, primarily me getting back into school this semester at U of I. I have done a lot of research on Illinois law schools and I think I am going to make my choices in order of rank starting with Univ. of Chicago, Northwestern, and Univ of IL, however with the 2 year accelerated JD program offered at Northwester I might have switch the first two. The sooner I can get done with law school the better because it will allow me to be done with the whole preliminaries of having to go back to school. I would prefer to finish my education in 3.5 years because that would mean that I am only two years off, had I finished school on time and went straight through to law school.

The main thing for me is to get back into Univ of IL this semester and take the Real Estate Agent and Property Management course at Parkland so that I can get both certificates at the same time I am finishing my classes for my undergraduate degree. I have to remain focused on getting my finances in order so that I can be prepared to purchase my first rental property in Chicago by this time next year...which translates to me having saved 100,000 in cash while at the same time having zero debt. That in essence means $8334.00 per month lol...so since I am not pushing that soft white and I doubt I can find me a part time gig making that it means I am going to have to get a mean hustle. I need to have a little chat with my investment go to guy who is a day trader and see what he projects he can do in year or to see what he thinks is necessary for him to make 100k from investing in a year. The main thing that I need to cut my frivolous spending and just cut back so that I can get my building and then I get that shit, which means no bike, SUV, or any other big purchase. I am going to try and refinance my school loans primarily my Sallie Mae (bitch) and see if it would be better for me to put that my Dept. of Education Loan together as one. Decisions decisions.

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