Saturday, January 17, 2009

on some Bilbo Baggins shit.

Yea I have been on some str8 hobbit shit for the past few weeks...I haven't shaved in about a month (trying to grow a beard or something like it lol cuz Debo said I have a Jew beard), I haven't left my house in a week I just been posted eating, working out, and watching movies and tv shows online (Supernatural is my new addiction I got 4 seasons to get through this weekend). I am sorta on hiatus until I get word on some news I have been waiting on hearing back from for about 2 months pretty much everything is on hold until then. On a side note I am pretty sure what I wanna do with my tats..I think Ima start with the two dragons (good vs evil) on each arm 3/4 sleeves then do a angel and devil tat...this is the problem I got three options:
  1. In the center of my back fairly large angel/devil mix (left side angel; right side devil).
  2. Going on my sides have and angle on the right and have a devil on the right side.
  3. I could just have incorporate the angels into the dragons and mix them some how.
Ima have to get it all worked out one tat at a time...oh goodie..The next season of Supernatural finished downloading...Kris signing off lol

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