Friday, January 9, 2009

Location Location Location

There has been a multitude of things on my mind lately about where I plan to be in the next 2-5 years primarily because my decision can impact either a positive, negative, or neutral effect on my life (and others). Initially my plan was decided: I would go back to U of I for 3 more semesters and finish up then go to Atlanta to attend Emory Law School. January of 2010 I would buy my building in Chicago and start my personal property monopoly in Bronzeville along with having my first place in Chicago for me to come home to. In addition to all of this we would have purchased the building in Champaign and the club would be up and running and be doing well with its new GM. The problem with this plan: I would be able to put as much work into the club as I wanted to originally and see it grow, nor my building in Chicago and would have to direct and supervise via cameras, telephones and financial data. The good thing about this plan is that I am able to simultaneously start three of my paths (club, personal real estate, & law school) and do something for me by going to Atlanta.

My next plan is similar to the first one except instead of going to Atlanta for law school I stay at Univ. of IL, Northwestern, or University of Chicago and that way I can focus on the club and directly effect its growth, as well as focusing on my real estate efforts in Chicago and if there are any issues I am only minutes to an hour away. This plan is seemingly getting to be a better and better solution for me primarily because I want to be able to ensure that these two projects are doing well and prefer to have my hands in the bowl rather than waiting for the finished dish. Not to mention I would have a larger support group by staying in IL and I know the areas better than Atlanta which would be entirely new for me to have to relearn.

The last plan is a little bit loopy because it would sorta be a mixture of all my ideas into one. Basically I would go stay at one of the IL law schools for a year and then transfer to Atlanta in my 2nd year and finish my law degree there. That way I can ensure that my business is doing well (at least 2 full years for the club and 1 full year for my building) and I will still have the opportunity to move and live somewhere else for a few years and see what Atlanta has to offer me. Along with this plan is the side plan of just buying a place in Atlanta and staying there for the summer and winter breaks, which will allow me to not only have my escape but also the ability to keep close eyes on my business.

So many decisions...the one thing that is for sure is that I will be finishing up my undergrad degree within the next three semesters so that by may 2010 I will be done, along with that I will have a building in Chicago that I will be renting out and living in as well. The last for sure is that I will be going to law school...somewhere...the where is the question...suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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