Monday, January 12, 2009

Addiction to Innovation

So I have decided that I am addicted to innovations...what the hell am I talking about? Why am I up at 4am writing in this hollow blog about what I am addicted to?..well this blog has become my outlet to those who carry to read it and those who don't...its basically turning on your kitchen sink and releasing the pressure built up containing those familiar words H2O that we call water. This blog is my outlet of all my ideas, thoughts, imaginative thoughts, irritations, decisions, answers, wants, passions, and my innovations. This is my virtual show and tell of my entire life...well not entire life lol, but it allows me to reveal things that matter to me without having to grab a loudspeaker and a lawn chair and posting up on the quad and giving my daily informational about what's going on with me. Well back to the point...the title of this addition to innovation. I think that I am truly addicted to being innovative because its has imprisoned my sense of reason and implores me to ignore the realm of rational amenities such as sleeping and distractions from work. The problem is that although some would conclude from the aforementioned statement that I am a prisoner of my work..however to the contrary not only have I become accustomed to my impractical lifestyle but it has become euphoric to my well being and sense of satisfaction. When I come up with a new idea, design, thought, or vision that will somehow impact change, illustrate a hidden beauty or display my own imagination into some tangible and visual, I am enthralled in a feeling of pure satisfaction and completeness that is uncontrollable and truly a natural "high" of my addiction.

My anti drug is thought...imagination...dreams...anything that is in the spectrum of mental conceptualization.

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