Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's

Last night was an interesting New Year's Eve to say the I decided to stay in good ole' Champaign instead of heading back to Chicago and I have to say it was a very interesting evening...that's probably the only word I can use to effectively describe it...hell I laugh just remembering the silly shit of last night. So to start the night off me Moe and my dude Max hit Walmart to get some booze lol and the fun begins lol. So its like 9:30pm and they only have 1 fuckin line open lol and there is like 7 people waiting in line, with this little Asian dude returning a bottle of lotion (lol that's funny in itself). Then they decide to open another line which was a great idea in theory...however they kept a under 21 cashier on the line where alcohol was sold so anytime someone wanted booze they would have to wait until the other cashier could come over and process it. So I tried to give them a tip and say why not just put the other cashier on the other line and just have the lady who is over 21 stay in the booze line...I guess this made to much sense because they just looked confused as fuck like they didn't get what I was saying.

So then we decide to hit the streets and try to go to Boltini..that shit was at capacity which was very surprising but we just said fuck it lets keep moving...then we head over to Cowboy Monkey the door man says its I look in my pocket for a quarter then I realize this crackhead meant dollars...I almost wanted to slap him as well as myself for saying it was $25 to go in there. Plus I left my wallet at home so we had to swing back and grab that musta be a sign no to be stupid enough to pay for that shit lol. So then we knew the only place to go lol...chester street! Only $10 bucks and fun as shit as usual, if you aren't a fuckin homophobe of course. So as usual the curly hair and boyish good looks got me a bit of attention in this harem of sexed charged party goers lol, however most of the attention came from those who not only wanted some penis that evening but also had one of their own lol. So being propositioned to getting head from a guy lol I figured it might be time to head to the crib before someone slipped me a mickey...this also led to the funniest shit I heard all night, "If you close your eyes and don't know who's suck your dick its not really gay if you like it." WTF...yea this was actually said to me lol...I mean unlike most I take this shit as a flattery lol...some guys have chicks on their jock but I got chicks and dudes lmao. On a side note I kinda got a small understanding of how women feel in the club with a bunch of hungry niggas trying to slip it in you all night lol...

The best part of the night I can't put out on the blog but it was definitely fucking hilarious lol...but the point is...09 should definitely be a good and interesting year if this if how its starting off lol.

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