Thursday, January 15, 2009

Workout Plan & Music

So while talking with Debo today we were chatting about him getting a scholarship to play football back in Chicago (congrats again clown) and because of that we both decided that we really need to hit these weights and workout plan. He obviously needs it for football while I am just trying to get huge..well huge'er lol. Currently I am sitting at 193lbs which is the biggest I have ever been before even in my hs track days lol (ahh the wonder years lol)...the funny thing is that I originally was shooting for 195 lol but now I want 220 so now that is my new goal. The hardest part that I used to have was that I could never put on weight because I was always so active but now that I am just working now and not so physically active and eat like 3 fat kids lol I have had less trouble with putting on the pounds. So the key for me to get my weight set at a lean (has to be lean otherwise its pointless) 220-225 would be to hit around 230 and then work it down. So with that I am going to get me a new bike (not ur regular old huffy lol something starting in the $500 range) and start riding 5-10 miles a day since I have shitty knees and it would do more damage to them to jog. Working out is one of the most relaxing and relieving things that I have in my life and it is absolutely necessary for me to stay level headed and keep my anger issues in check (my Ms. Carney can testify to that). Its not that I'm a lose cannon or anything its just the fact is that once I get to that point of no turning back for my anger its definitely a problem...I'm a one man army and I literally become a nightmare. That's a bad thing tho not something I am proud of...hence why I workout to keep that in check.

So workout music...well shit when I ride my bike...well back when I was in Chicago I used to ride along the lake front and ride 10-15 miles daily and I would listen to Linkin Park and that shit was so melodic...I would just be riding and the world be passing me by like I was in moving just moving forward through time...those are still some of the peaceful times of my life. So from Linkin DMX (Slippin' & Damien are my shit) Bone Thugs N Harmony. Actually I have to say that Bone Thugs N Harmony are still in the group of my favorite rappers...niggas forgot that Bone was killing shit in the hip hop world for a minute and I think they are coming back out with a CD..ima grab that shit...from LIMEWIRE lol sorry I got love for them but I got budgets too lol. Anyway not the type of dude who works out and then takes that bathroom shirt off picture...but please believe that after I get my 3/4 sleeve tats I most definitely will have one lol. Ima be one tatted the fuck up lawyer lol..but its whatever I gotta stay true to myself lol...I gotta rep South Shore...well I wont be jumping on limos throwin the C's up (lol had to take a jab at Tiff, but that shit was kinda sexy lol).


  1. "Not your regular Huffy"? lol But that's what you used to push. I've been on that good ole Trek, Merlin, and Pinerallo since I was a jit. Welcome to that world. lol

    and...get insurance on that bitch lol

  2. lmao actually it was a magna fuckin hater lol. Sorry everyone can't be grabbing 4k bicycles at 12 with their fancy dance bicycle driver's license lol. As for the insurance lol...shit you know better than I think ima get a trek tho.