Sunday, December 6, 2009

Close to the storm

So I was thinking today as I was ignoring the fact that although I am close to a month off from school that I really don't get any breaks from "work." I need to write about 4 papers and study for 2 tests and then I am done for this semester. I am still waiting to hear back from the shipping company about my claim (trying to stay hopeful about that) and I need to make sure that we secure the location for the Jan. 21st event. In addition we need to get the rubber band bracelets disbursed to the community because that is major for us to get the buzz going. Plus I see my protege isn't ready to take the reins completely because he needed to be reminded about following up with people. However thats not a problem at the moment because he is still getting used to what needs to be done and balancing it all with your normal and school life. I am looking forward to next semester once I get all my classes since I found out that my MILS 202 doesnt count towards my graduation which is retarded...but yea..anyway.

On another note my agent is starting to piss me off with her inefficiency and lack of a constant communication...I don't know if she realizes that her ass will get replaced asap if she doesn't get it together and soon. I really want to get some floorplans on these buildings of interest so that I can make potential floorplans for each one of them when I have some free time. That way I won't be focused on one party and get short sighted into falling in love with one over the other. Also I need NOI calculations on each of the properties so that I can get it done so that when it comes to the point of me doing my business plan with I won't have to do all that and it will already be finished. I think having the photography aspect will help me as will in terms of marketing not only the building for the loan but also for the future tenants.

The last portion of my day has been reaching out to web and graphics designers so that I can finally get my fucking logo finished since Lauren just dropped the ball and let that bitch roll down the street and get hit by a train. I mean she does great work but at the end of the day this is why I say I can't work with black fucking professionalism. So now I am trying to see if the designer that was mentioned on Justin's page ( and I also reached out to Surface 51. Now granted Surface 51 is my prime choice but I have a feeling their price is going to be fucking out-rage-ous! Hopefully I can work something out with them because I am not trying to hear anything around the 5k-10k range...really hoping for a 2-3k range but I think I might be wishing for a dream. We shall see.. There are so many damn expenses needed for this damn business idea to even start up right.
  • Website: $3-10k
  • Card Printer: $2.5k
  • LLC Registration: $600
  • Email ListServ: $2k
  • Card Software: $2k
  • Total: $10.1-17.1k...: basically 10-20k [aka FML]
The key is that if I hit my numbers I will be out of the red with 10 I guess thats what I need to focus on...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Time get back Blogging

Ok so it has been a long time since I have been writing in my blog but that will be changing immediately I promise. So there has been alot that has changed since September back when I wrote something so I will try and get this blog up to speed. First off I killed this semester and actually will be graduating in May (well technically I have 11 hours for the summer) so I am pretty excited about that. Next semester is going to be a beast, I am taking 22 hours for school, real estate license course, property management certification class, and LSAT test in February. Along with that I have decided that Champaign-Urbana is now going to be a location that I can't call home any longer because it is constricting my growth at this point, so home sweet home Chicago here I come. I am focused on one thing and that is acquiring my first rental property in Bronzeville in August-September, beginning my real estate empire. I know exactly what I need to do in order to get my credit score where it needs to be in order to make that happen, however that is only the tip of the iceberg.

I really need to focus my efforts on the building of my new company idea, The Conglomerate. Bare minimum I need to hit $60,000 but ideally I have to work towards $125,000...yes I said 125k..oh I didn't mention that I need to hit that by June? Yay FML! However...the one thing that I have is my imagination and my determination to success. I have done crazier and more unlikely things in shorter deadlines so this just means that I have to give it my all. So with all this drive towards purchasing my first property I have been working with my real estate agent from (Jenna) and although she is cool, I can see where I would be better but that's another story. I have found about 5 ideal properties that have gone down since the time when I was originally looking and started this blog so I really want to get those. I have read three different books about landlords and I have gained a multitude of information so now its time to put that into play. I need to hit a certain number of promoters, photographers, graphic/web designers, and DJ's, to make this stuff a reality so I really am going to need to get on the ball. Not to mention that I am still doing events and hopefully we will still be able to use the Loft after the brawl with the Sigmas and the football team...fucking goofs.

Anyway, the first event will be for me and Moe's Bday and we will also be releasing the Conglomerate Cards out to all the people that are there. We have to hit capacity by midnight and if we can it will be major for setting the tone for the next semester. With the events that I have planned it will increase the Conglomerate network and provide me with the capital that is needed to take care of my credit issues. I am going to meet with my lawyer to have him get the judgment to be settled on and I will pay that out immediately if I have to, because I need it gone. I also will need to collect debts owed to me because I need that money as well. I have so much going on in the next 6 months that I really will have to stay focused to get it all done and meet all the goals that I have set.

  • Graduation in May; BS in Psychology
  • Class Ring (deals with my Pops)
  • Real Estate License
  • Property Management Certification
  • 170+ on LSAT
  • 700+ Credit Score
  • $65,000-125,000 capital
  • Apartment Building in Bronzeville
  • Fortune Forde Properties, LLC
  • The Conglomerate, LLC
Well I think that's all for until next time!