Thursday, February 26, 2009

The New Communication

When you sit back and really look at the advances that have been made in terms of forms of communication from email, cell phones, instant messenger, text messages, skype, video chat, facebook, myspace, linkedin, blogs, and now twitter, it blows my fucking mind. This shit is crazy we are slowly making direct connection pointless because we can literally be updated on all of friends and family where ever we can get a connection, thus eliminating the need to actually see and talk to that person. The other thing that seems really interesting is that people seem to be more honest and "real" when they are using these forms of communication rather than the image of them that we gather in person which I find disturbing. I mean I value the fact that I am the same all the time, in the sense that I will be the same ass in person as I am on my blogs and facebook, I can't say the same for the vast majority. I am unsure as to why people feed the need to only display that real person only through these electronic mediums rather than all the time but they definitely are showing their true colors, which isn't always a negative. I dunno it just is getting a bit out of control when you have US Senators "twittering" and I over here watching CNBC and the speaker is telling me I can catch him on Facebook...what the, we won't even have to write resumes anymore cuz Facebook is come out with an application and jobs will be able to check our profiles, info, and resume from there and make the determinations based on that shit. Shit is crazy...

On another note...i am so amazed at the routine that is my life. Every year around this time there are few things that always happen: I get an ear infection and I am walking around very angry towards everyone (except sphinx, that's my little buddy) because I only get sick through this once a year. I have come out with the most ingenious plans for some business shit and now I am trying to work out the leg work or get the financing together, and then I get a job or something that puts shit on hiatus. I either have ended a relationship or I have found point of intrigue in a woman, that has simply blown my mind from the simplest shit. I have noticed a few other things about that as well, its the ones the give me the least attention that have the most intrigue and its not because there's the challenge aspect. It have more to do with the complexity that is embodied within them, and by that I mean that normally I have enough articulation that I can at least talk my way into a date...and from there I will be able to decided a few things. However its the ones that show little attention or interest, or the ones that are really busy and don't have the time, or even the ones that have str8 denied me that spark the most interest. Its through that I try to feel them out and figure out if they are worth the extra effort, sadly most aren't lol but I don't mind getting to know new people many of these "wasted efforts" have led to some really great friends. @ this point I am in the "intrigued" point of my life at this time of year...and I have an ear infection lol. The one thing that's interesting is her bday...which happens to be the same day as an ex...well "the" ex I said...very intriguing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taxes and the IRS

If the IRS is reading this I want to make it clearly know that you are a dick head...I can't be anymore clear and exact in my perception that you are a really really big dick head. Granted I understand the importance of taxation especially in this volatile economy but after doing some quick (this is sarcasm, there is nothing quick about calculating taxes...) number crunching I officially want to find someone with the initials I.R.S for their name so that I can beat the brakes of their ass. Like the amounts that they are getting out my ass is so outrageous that I had to slap myself three times, re crunch the numbers because I was convinced I rounded and carried an extra zero and multiplied that number by 100. Like its absolutely clear to me why niggas are out her with tax evasion charges cuz Uncle Sam old compulsive gambling ass is trying to borrow a good Dub (in thousands!) outta every citizen. Like I would go slang crack but they want taxes on that shit too! I am not joking, that's how major dealers get caught up...they don't pay their taxes on that drugs their pushing, now that is some retarded shit right there. You got dirty folks over here with the green visor and that tax calculator and an AK-47 trying to calculate how me he owes Uncle Sam on that 750,000 he made in street pharmaceuticals...I have nothing else to say...I'm mad and I haven't even made the money yet.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


What a dull weekend...Cotton Club weekend used to be such a festive event for me but this year has definitely been one that is not for the record first I was chalking it up to my age but then I started realizing that U of I is just fucking wack nowadays. There are a multitude of reasons as to why shit is just not fun like it used to be primarily due to the fact that the people that are here don't kick it like the people I went to school with it. I think there has been a rapid decline in the coolness of these kids starting in has been going downhill ever since and the tipping point was after 2007. Hopefully when I get the club open and my salon we can administer some CPR to this lifeless city because its on the brink of flat lining, with a Do Not Resuscitate order. I did get to see some friends that I haven't seen in a while and that was actually the highlight of my weekend. In addition to this I got alot of good sleep and actually got a LOT of work done in regards to my salon, actually knocked out 6 pages worth of planning, ideas, and documentation for the project.

Tomorrow is a very important day for me I have like 3 or 4 meetings and a few important calls to make that will have a very large impact on my life now and in the future, so I am a bit nervous but highly optimistic. I have to meet with my buddy Phil over at Foellinger to discuss the budget of my show, then I need to contact my intended host and judges. I have to contact my lawyer about some stuff...that I am hoping will be soon taken care of because its really fucking up my whole life. I also have to contact a few other people to tie some loose ends of both my dance comp. show that is going to be in September and also some aspects of the salon. I have to schedule an appointment with Mike Markstahler who is my contractor of choice and see what he is thinking in terms of the project idea and see if we can get a good bid out of him. This will make it necessary for me to find out when he has free time and then coordinate that with David Wetzel's schedule so that he can do a walk thru in the property. Its funny but I am feeling so good about the future right now...its like things are slowly falling into to you have gotten through more than 75% of the puzzle and only have the little bit to go...trying to finish my puzzle to see the big picture.

The MC Hammer Effect

I was talking to a good friend of mine today and I was explaining that I wanted to have her come out to Champaign and work with on my Salon and Barber Shop project, partially because I originally was informed about the profitability of a shop from her. The other reason is because I have a natural tendency to try and "rescue" people as one of my ex's informed me of during one of our usual talks about my tendencies lol. Then I got the thinking about all the times I have done or still do this and remarkably I am inclined to agree with her. I think that I like to see the people around me doing well and I want to be able to extend a helping hand to them whenever I have the opportunity even if that hand isn't even asked for. I am all about bringing my family and friends up with me up this ladder of success and I am determined to give them all the opportunities to benefit from my success by creating their own. Be clear of this though...I am not MC Hammer, you won't see me just dropping out hand outs, I expect my helping hand to be compensated through hard work of your own. It won't help you or teach you anything if I just gave you shit with no questions or sense of repayment; this doesn't mean I want something monetary in return, seeing you build something of your own and becoming your own success story is my "pay out".

I think that if everyone tried to help those who could just use that extra push that not only would we enrich each other's lives but we also we reinforce a sense of community, brotherhood, and family that is lacking in our society. I'm not suggesting anything along the lines of "Pay it Back" (I fucking hate that movie...), however I feel like it is important for not only my well being but that of my family and friends to try and do my part to help stimulate this coma induced economy. People fail to realize that if we don't all do our part to help this country that we will be fucking ourselves in the ass and allow ourselves to become the next Rome. Americans have this belief that we can't fall from grace because this is the United States...get fucking real...we are borrowing hella money from our "allies" but these were the same people that we were bombing and attacking in the past. You think that they don't want to rise to the superpower status of the world? The most definitely do and if we don't get our shit together quickly it might be an inevitable reorganization of world powers. I hope that our President can accomplish the goal of removing 533 billion from the national deficit by the end of his term, that shit would by far make him the greatest of all our Presidents...everyone needs to stay positive and hopeful that Change will come. Not that Change will come quickly, just the fact that it will come.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo Shoot @ the future CloudNine or Cloud9

So I went to the location with Tiffany and Debo to get their input on the spot since I know I can get wrapped in a location if I really like it and can sometimes overlook negatives because of my attachments to a spot, so they help me not do this. I was both happy about some of the things I saw and also disappointed in a few things I saw that made me have to rethink and redesign my ideal floor plan that I had envisioned. However I think at this point I am actually really happy with the design that I have so far. The only problems that I still not completely satisfied with is the location and setup of the bathroom and where the HVAC system is. There is quite a lot of work that needs to be done before any decorating and designing can even begin to take place but overall I can see great potential in this location. The next phase would be to meet with my construction guy and get his input on the space and some quick ideas on what work will need to be done and how much it will cost. This will be necessary for me to formulate a educated budget and figure out what I want included in the lease in terms of both price and concessions from the owner. One thing for sure is that the roof, HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing need to all be checked thoroughly because those were my main concerns after the walk-thru. In addition to this i know for sure that there will need extensive work on the walls, ceilings, floors, windows, entrances & exits. I need to start getting some quotes on all of these things as well as deciding how I want to go about my flooring, one idea I was think for both aesthetics and also cost cutting would be to use the now popular choice of cement flooring that has been tinted and stained for the bathrooms. I have so many ideas about this space but I think it will be important for me to try and stay focused on budget rather than the "wants."

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good good news..

Today I finally got some good news about a situation that has been plaguing my life for months...hopefully it will get resolved positively soon. The other good news that I had today was that I got in contact with some people that I want to work with on some future projects that I was planning (sidenote does it make me gay that I know the words to "I want to run to you" by Whitney Houston? lmao thats my shit). Tomorrow I have an appointment to meet with this clown David Wetzel from Barr Real Estate (this guy is fuckin the epitome of a unkept & sloppy) to see the building that I would push an old woman down the stairs to seriously I would do it for the for real...serious face. There are few things that would be deal breakers on this building though, primarily the price because if it exceeds $85,000/year then it wouldn't make sense to invest the time and money. To be perfectly honest I am hoping to get the building for $.50/square ft. because that way I would have more room to work with and have a larger profit margin. Also I need to go and do some speaker shopping because if my plan works with the building then I will have that 2500 sq. ft. space that I am plan to use to be an after hours spot downtown. In addition to that I am going to need some type of different lighting system that at least fits in with the theme of more than just a big ass room to party in, so I might even add a stage as well for live music.

In addition to all of this I need to start and making contact with the local shops and salons, as well as contacting people in town to find the best barbers, stylists, and braiders in the area and get them on board. I have a new total of 23 spaces available that I need to get filled and contracted upon. This spot is gonna be so fucking crazy people are going to be blown away and I think we might be putting a few people out of business, which although fucked up is actually my intentions. I need to start getting paperwork ready for the LLC registration, company logo, and a website made soon after. Soooo much shit too do but its all riding on tomorrow, hopefully tomorrow will be a day of good news as well.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Business Ventures...nothin new here

So I have been doing some thinking over the past months and have been slowly and in between my free time and busy life, working opening a salon/barber shop in Champaign sometime now. The initial reasoning was because there isn't really a good place to get your hair done or get a hair cut in town and I remember how difficult it was to find a good place that wouldn't fuck my hair up back freshman year. Never found one hence why I grew my hair out in the first place and why I get two hair cuts a year since I have to drive back to Chicago every 6 months to get it. Anyway I figure this might be the solution for me to get some profits into my life without having to put to much time into it because I am going to be focusing too much on school and the club shit. I need something that I can work about 10 hours a week and not have to really devote much attention to. I have an appointment this Thursday to see a building that I have been watching for about a year now (I wish I could buy that shit too bad the owner would never sell..bitch) and I think this building will be a perfect location for my shop and also a 2500 sq. ft. flex space that I might use to throw some little events throughout the year. The lease rate is probably the most important factor because if it exceeds 85,000 a year then this venture wouldn't work with that property.

Once I get the information I can begin to work out a expense budget and estimated start-up cost budget, as well as proposed renovations to get the building up to my standards and design. Based on my numbers so far I will have 8 stylists, 4 manicurists/pedicurists, 6 braiders, and 6 barbers. I want to have the very best in the city so I am definitely going to have to start talking to everyone I know to find out who is the best, and then start recruiting...aka jacking people lol. I plan to have a website created for the salon that details each worker, online scheduling, and personal email addresses for each of them. I need to figure out what products I want to sell as well because that's an additional way to generate more profits, so everything from hair care products, facial and skin products, to even refreshments. I think it will be essential to have a lead person in each area, who will have a the cheapest booth fee but will have the higher responsibility to make sure the area is clean and other shit. All of my people will have a key to shop so they will be able to work when it works best for them and their clients, this will be vital to creating the niche and flexibility that will attract workers. I think the best scenario would be to separate the women's section from the men's by the 1st and 2nd floor, that way they can truly at ease and comfortable.

I will need to holla at my financial advisor on some of the tax issues that I am concerned about (SHANA YOU READING THIS??!! lol) because I want to make sure that I get the most out of my money. Depending on the budget, timing, and feasibility I might be looking towards starting this project relatively within the next 3 months, primarily due to it not being that heavy of a overhead and once its done work can start immediately. The other good thing about this location is that with flex space idea I am having for the second floor it will provide a nice transition from the clubs/bars to our shit to our own club. In addition to this it will generate a little extra income that is always a big plus in my eyes, as well as providing something new and different to add to the nightlife. I need to check into the legal issues that I may or may not have with having the space and the inclusion of alcohol into the atmosphere. I am going to need to find some goons for security as well since I can't have any altercations in my place of business, that's just tacky lol. Plus it will be a fun after hours spot for me and my peoples I might just build a little bar in the mf'er. I need to maximize the potential profit out of the entire building, so by utilizing all the space for the shop and then having this flex space I think I will definitely hit this goal. Stay tuned to the pictures from the building showing Thursday.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ode to my

While watching a new movie on Ninjavideo tonight, "Kill Theory", I realized a very important truth as I would like to call it...there are some really FUCKED UP people in the world. So with that being said I feel comforted knowing that I own a arsenal that can put down a small army if need be...not that I am expecting it but in case it happens I am prepared. I think people do so many things to prepare for that "rainy day" in their lives but who really prepares for some shit like in "28 Days" or in "Friday the 13th" or even "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and the list can go on and on. Granted a few of these movies have characters that are magical and don't seem to die however everyone stumbles or at least gets knocked down after getting hit with good ole pump shotgun. So if you are too stupid and incapable of finding a fucking road and running down that shit well fuck you deserve to get ass fucked by the 7 foot nigga with a hockey mask and chainsaw. The fact remains is that in every single one of these movies there is either only one gun or one clip and they eventually either lose the gun or run out of bullets. WTF? Bullets are cheaper than bags of chips! So why the fuck would you only buy one clip or box of bullets??? Why not get the damn Sam's Club portion of bullets to go along with the rest of your groceries? Or go a even bigger step forward and get more than one gun! Granted I am not saying have a underground armory like they had in Terminator 2...although that would be the best birthday gift in the world! lol...but seriously people guns save lives when some nigga is in your house trying to mangle and ass/mind fuck you to death.

Some people think that my fascination with weaponry be it knives, swords, guns, a bit alarming or off base, hell a psychologist would see that as being a red flag to some fucking violent disorder...and you know what I say to that? You are the first mf'er dead when some shit pops off...who's house are you going to when you have a live or die issue the nigga prescribing you Prozac or the nigga with a AK-47? lmao...seriously tho. People are always so stunned and shocked when some shit goes down and they are crying and screaming and crawling on the ground and backing themselves into corners when they need to be up and fucking hitting record time sprints. Case in point, in one scene of this movie "Kill Theory" these ass clowns are in a van and the one psycho puts a laser target on this dude and shoots him...the first thing I thought was ok so the dude is clearly to the left and based on the shot and the fact that this is a normal rifle the best range he has is about 300-400 yds, and it was a bolt action rifle. So that means just run in the opposite fucking direction zig zagging and theres no fucking way you are getting hit. OK most people probably don't think about that or to that extent...thats fine. The point is I haven't heard of to many bulletproof niggas in real life (minus Tupac..and we see how far that went...and 50 cent lol) so if I have more guns and more bullets I win its just that simple. What if you run out of bullets tho Kris? Well that's simple...thats why I have knives...knives don't run out of bullets that keep on working until you drop it running like a bitch or the "villain" take that shit from you and well hey you deserve to get gutted at that point. This is why I think I will get everyone on my Christmas list some type of it a knife, night vision goggles, or a concussion grenade, the shit will be there to ensure that you make it out of that forrest, lake house, haunted hotel, or zombie infested city. Don't worry you can thank me later lol.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day...

Oh goodie Valentine's Day...a day to get those special someone's in our lives gifts and emotional anecdotes...well lucky for me that I technically don't have to get anyone shit! lol...that's pretty fucked up but I mean I got a budget and these holidays used to fuck me up back in the day...its not that I'm cheap but I am like most people aren't really in the mind frame to be trying to be grabbing multifamily buildings every year at this age so they aren't really worried about their spending habits. Maybe I am just cheap. I dunno. lol. Regardless though this year I don't have to worry about that this year so fuck it. I am a purgatory place in my mind right now although I'm fine I can't seem to find peace...a piece of time that's mine to not be bothered with a worry of nickles quarters and dimes. *Yes that purposely has a rhyme scheme and play with words* I feel like I am falling to the ground but I just can't seem to hit the bottom...just falling indefinitely and its really starting to get to me. I am trying to maintain and sustain my sanity but it's getting more difficult day by day primarily due to the reality that without this much needed push I won't reach my destination. I am trying to remain optimistic about the outcome of this situation but pessimism is peering over my shoulder like tomorrow eventually eclipses today.

I have spent the morning working out financial plans depending on certain situations and even with my base minimum I will be set off on a perfect playing field, however I would have preferred to get somewhat of an advantage but that's not looking likely. I was talking to my momma recently about this and as funny as it was its fucked up that its true, "our family never gets a lucky break, we have to struggle and fight for every opportunity we get. We just aren't that family that will be the ones to win the lottery." I am not complaining because I don't mind the struggle, the struggle is what made me who I am but damn...I would love to get a free meal one day. I guess I won't escape the hustle and the hustler in me...ah well back to grinding.

My valentine is Sphinx...what did he get for this special day? Food...and he couldn't have been happier.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back @ It

So I recently have fallen off my blog horse and haven't been updating this thing as much as had been doing in the past but for good reason...been working towards getting these events set up for next year. There has been alot of communication amongst my crew about how what our next step is and I think its pretty clear, however there are lot of things dependent on this path so I am sorta back to feeling like Apollo with the weight on my shoulders. Since I was unable to take classes this semester as I previous had been planning to do that means that I will just spend the time refining other skills and learning new ones; real estate agent license, mixologist, photography, and motor cycle. I might go get ServSafe certified as well...I gotta check the dates. As soon as I get the Nikon D90 and my new Macbook Pro I am going to be taken photos everyday to refine my skills as quickly as possible, primarily because I usually can learn things pretty quickly in that type of realm. Along with that I will be working to build my company recognition and that is not just in Champaign-Urbana but in Chicago for the most part because that is the future transition so there is no time like the present to start preparing for that. I need to find me a graphics artist to redo the company logo for Karisma Effect because although I love the one we have, we need something that is more public and merchandise friendly.

The other thing I am going to start taking a bit more seriously is my workout plan because I am starting to see that effect of slacking which is something that I never really expected in my life, because I was able to eat whatever I want and barely gain any weight. My goal is about 205-215 however that needs to be a lean 205-215 so I need to probably lose about 10 pounds and then gain I am going to start cycling daily 10 miles and working out everyday so that I can just start getting my body back on track. I am going to contact the doctor who I wanted to do my lasik surgery and get a quote so I can work that in my figures so that I can stay on track with my budgeting and financial strategies that I have in place. I am really looking forward to see the day when I can check my debt to income ratio and see zero in the debt field, and a bunch of zeros in the income field. I need to start drafting information that we will be presenting to the building owners within the next few weeks, hopefully, because that property is the first step and after that a slight jog...then its a full sprint. I need to find a place where I can work on cars and store cars because not having a garage fucking sucks cuz I am not try to lug my tools to the basement of my next place. Working on cars is like a release for me and its a pretty nice hustle too, I am gonna look for a little spot that will be cheap for me to just store my shit and working on cars will just be a plus. That's the only problem with the building is that there isn't a place for us to store our cars and we definitely have a lot of them but I guess that just means carrying the handgun to and from and the car, however being so close the police station should mean something...should...In addition to that we need to talk to the other owners after we have secured the first place just so we can put our interest in the air. I don't play the lotto but it would be nice if I won that shit regardless lol. Ahh...I am looking forward to tomorrow....and hoping that it brings CHANGE

Saturday, February 7, 2009

3 new roomies

Well I just realized today that if things go according to my plan that I am be looking for 3 new room mates that will occupy the 3 vacant rooms in the building that I plan to call home in a few months. The only problem is I can't have 3 nasty niggas/chicks in my house cuz I would end up slappin somebody...or if they come short on the rent I would be the nigga to throw their shit outside on the sidewalk. I think I should start holding auditions for the new room mates like this is the real world or some shit lol. Then there's the other issue of having 3 new people will bring their friends too and if we have some unruly fucks in my house i might upstrap on them. This is such a shitty situation because I would prefer to have 3 people that are clean don't cause issues like breaking shit and pay their rent on time. However I don't think I know any black people that fit that description, I think it would be kinda straight for 3 girls to move in but I can't fucking stand having hair in my sink or shower so that's gonna be a problem too...i might just install a shop vac in the bathroom so they can suction that shit after everytime they leave the bathroom lol. Ah decisions decisions...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

On some Monumnetal Shit

So...for those in my circle of "I can remember your name without referring to facebook" know that I have been playing to host a dance competition at Foellinger Auditorium for like fucking ever...well now I finally see the ducks lining up for this shit...I have held off on doing this shit because everyone always has dance comps at this school but every year its the same fucking teams doing the same fucking routines and I honestly want to put my shotgun in my mouth and add a new orifice to my head. However since I enjoy the limited orifices that I currently have in my head I have taken the latter route and decided to do my own show. I figure that having some important people there to host and to judge and not have the same biased and wack judges people normally get would be step number one. Step number two would be to limit the amount of wack teams allowed to be in the show by fucking ZERO...which means that teams actually have to not be hot garbage to be show and will actually be competing for the large amount of money that I have decided to throw at them.. Large amounts of money you say? That's right all you dancers and dance teams that normally get a mere $1000 for the dance shows in the past and that's for first and nothing else...I have decided to raise the stakes in order to bring the quality teams out the wood work. 1st place is $2k, 2nd place is $1k, 3rd place is $500...with only 9-10 teams and a mere $150 registration I might as well be giving the shit away.

This is taking oodles and oodles of planning and scheduling but once i lock down the people for the show and lock up the location with contracts and padlocks, then I will put the shit out there and open the flood gates to getting the qualifying tapes, video links, and you tube uploads. That's right you have to prove that you are even worth competing in the show with video evidence, this ensures no wackness...cuz wackness is bad, mmmkay? I am going to try and get as many cool and important people to come to the show and do stuff but remember people this is a damn recession and these important people seem to want actual money just to go places so yea...I gave up the kidnapping a while ago so that shit is out...but yea right now I am looking at Chicago natives because those are my people so Stay tuned tho because once contracts start getting signed there will be video commercials, printed posters, and all other types of media that will be getting the word out about all this yea. Back to monumental shit.