Saturday, February 7, 2009

3 new roomies

Well I just realized today that if things go according to my plan that I am be looking for 3 new room mates that will occupy the 3 vacant rooms in the building that I plan to call home in a few months. The only problem is I can't have 3 nasty niggas/chicks in my house cuz I would end up slappin somebody...or if they come short on the rent I would be the nigga to throw their shit outside on the sidewalk. I think I should start holding auditions for the new room mates like this is the real world or some shit lol. Then there's the other issue of having 3 new people will bring their friends too and if we have some unruly fucks in my house i might upstrap on them. This is such a shitty situation because I would prefer to have 3 people that are clean don't cause issues like breaking shit and pay their rent on time. However I don't think I know any black people that fit that description, I think it would be kinda straight for 3 girls to move in but I can't fucking stand having hair in my sink or shower so that's gonna be a problem too...i might just install a shop vac in the bathroom so they can suction that shit after everytime they leave the bathroom lol. Ah decisions decisions...

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