Thursday, February 26, 2009

The New Communication

When you sit back and really look at the advances that have been made in terms of forms of communication from email, cell phones, instant messenger, text messages, skype, video chat, facebook, myspace, linkedin, blogs, and now twitter, it blows my fucking mind. This shit is crazy we are slowly making direct connection pointless because we can literally be updated on all of friends and family where ever we can get a connection, thus eliminating the need to actually see and talk to that person. The other thing that seems really interesting is that people seem to be more honest and "real" when they are using these forms of communication rather than the image of them that we gather in person which I find disturbing. I mean I value the fact that I am the same all the time, in the sense that I will be the same ass in person as I am on my blogs and facebook, I can't say the same for the vast majority. I am unsure as to why people feed the need to only display that real person only through these electronic mediums rather than all the time but they definitely are showing their true colors, which isn't always a negative. I dunno it just is getting a bit out of control when you have US Senators "twittering" and I over here watching CNBC and the speaker is telling me I can catch him on Facebook...what the, we won't even have to write resumes anymore cuz Facebook is come out with an application and jobs will be able to check our profiles, info, and resume from there and make the determinations based on that shit. Shit is crazy...

On another note...i am so amazed at the routine that is my life. Every year around this time there are few things that always happen: I get an ear infection and I am walking around very angry towards everyone (except sphinx, that's my little buddy) because I only get sick through this once a year. I have come out with the most ingenious plans for some business shit and now I am trying to work out the leg work or get the financing together, and then I get a job or something that puts shit on hiatus. I either have ended a relationship or I have found point of intrigue in a woman, that has simply blown my mind from the simplest shit. I have noticed a few other things about that as well, its the ones the give me the least attention that have the most intrigue and its not because there's the challenge aspect. It have more to do with the complexity that is embodied within them, and by that I mean that normally I have enough articulation that I can at least talk my way into a date...and from there I will be able to decided a few things. However its the ones that show little attention or interest, or the ones that are really busy and don't have the time, or even the ones that have str8 denied me that spark the most interest. Its through that I try to feel them out and figure out if they are worth the extra effort, sadly most aren't lol but I don't mind getting to know new people many of these "wasted efforts" have led to some really great friends. @ this point I am in the "intrigued" point of my life at this time of year...and I have an ear infection lol. The one thing that's interesting is her bday...which happens to be the same day as an ex...well "the" ex I said...very intriguing.

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