Sunday, February 22, 2009

The MC Hammer Effect

I was talking to a good friend of mine today and I was explaining that I wanted to have her come out to Champaign and work with on my Salon and Barber Shop project, partially because I originally was informed about the profitability of a shop from her. The other reason is because I have a natural tendency to try and "rescue" people as one of my ex's informed me of during one of our usual talks about my tendencies lol. Then I got the thinking about all the times I have done or still do this and remarkably I am inclined to agree with her. I think that I like to see the people around me doing well and I want to be able to extend a helping hand to them whenever I have the opportunity even if that hand isn't even asked for. I am all about bringing my family and friends up with me up this ladder of success and I am determined to give them all the opportunities to benefit from my success by creating their own. Be clear of this though...I am not MC Hammer, you won't see me just dropping out hand outs, I expect my helping hand to be compensated through hard work of your own. It won't help you or teach you anything if I just gave you shit with no questions or sense of repayment; this doesn't mean I want something monetary in return, seeing you build something of your own and becoming your own success story is my "pay out".

I think that if everyone tried to help those who could just use that extra push that not only would we enrich each other's lives but we also we reinforce a sense of community, brotherhood, and family that is lacking in our society. I'm not suggesting anything along the lines of "Pay it Back" (I fucking hate that movie...), however I feel like it is important for not only my well being but that of my family and friends to try and do my part to help stimulate this coma induced economy. People fail to realize that if we don't all do our part to help this country that we will be fucking ourselves in the ass and allow ourselves to become the next Rome. Americans have this belief that we can't fall from grace because this is the United States...get fucking real...we are borrowing hella money from our "allies" but these were the same people that we were bombing and attacking in the past. You think that they don't want to rise to the superpower status of the world? The most definitely do and if we don't get our shit together quickly it might be an inevitable reorganization of world powers. I hope that our President can accomplish the goal of removing 533 billion from the national deficit by the end of his term, that shit would by far make him the greatest of all our Presidents...everyone needs to stay positive and hopeful that Change will come. Not that Change will come quickly, just the fact that it will come.

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