Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back @ It

So I recently have fallen off my blog horse and haven't been updating this thing as much as had been doing in the past but for good reason...been working towards getting these events set up for next year. There has been alot of communication amongst my crew about how what our next step is and I think its pretty clear, however there are lot of things dependent on this path so I am sorta back to feeling like Apollo with the weight on my shoulders. Since I was unable to take classes this semester as I previous had been planning to do that means that I will just spend the time refining other skills and learning new ones; real estate agent license, mixologist, photography, and motor cycle. I might go get ServSafe certified as well...I gotta check the dates. As soon as I get the Nikon D90 and my new Macbook Pro I am going to be taken photos everyday to refine my skills as quickly as possible, primarily because I usually can learn things pretty quickly in that type of realm. Along with that I will be working to build my company recognition and that is not just in Champaign-Urbana but in Chicago for the most part because that is the future transition so there is no time like the present to start preparing for that. I need to find me a graphics artist to redo the company logo for Karisma Effect because although I love the one we have, we need something that is more public and merchandise friendly.

The other thing I am going to start taking a bit more seriously is my workout plan because I am starting to see that effect of slacking which is something that I never really expected in my life, because I was able to eat whatever I want and barely gain any weight. My goal is about 205-215 however that needs to be a lean 205-215 so I need to probably lose about 10 pounds and then gain 30...so I am going to start cycling daily 10 miles and working out everyday so that I can just start getting my body back on track. I am going to contact the doctor who I wanted to do my lasik surgery and get a quote so I can work that in my figures so that I can stay on track with my budgeting and financial strategies that I have in place. I am really looking forward to see the day when I can check my debt to income ratio and see zero in the debt field, and a bunch of zeros in the income field. I need to start drafting information that we will be presenting to the building owners within the next few weeks, hopefully, because that property is the first step and after that a slight jog...then its a full sprint. I need to find a place where I can work on cars and store cars because not having a garage fucking sucks cuz I am not try to lug my tools to the basement of my next place. Working on cars is like a release for me and its a pretty nice hustle too, I am gonna look for a little spot that will be cheap for me to just store my shit and working on cars will just be a plus. That's the only problem with the building is that there isn't a place for us to store our cars and we definitely have a lot of them but I guess that just means carrying the handgun to and from and the car, however being so close the police station should mean something...should...In addition to that we need to talk to the other owners after we have secured the first place just so we can put our interest in the air. I don't play the lotto but it would be nice if I won that shit regardless lol. Ahh...I am looking forward to tomorrow....and hoping that it brings CHANGE

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