Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taxes and the IRS

If the IRS is reading this I want to make it clearly know that you are a dick head...I can't be anymore clear and exact in my perception that you are a really really big dick head. Granted I understand the importance of taxation especially in this volatile economy but after doing some quick (this is sarcasm, there is nothing quick about calculating taxes...) number crunching I officially want to find someone with the initials I.R.S for their name so that I can beat the brakes of their ass. Like the amounts that they are getting out my ass is so outrageous that I had to slap myself three times, re crunch the numbers because I was convinced I rounded and carried an extra zero and multiplied that number by 100. Like its absolutely clear to me why niggas are out her with tax evasion charges cuz Uncle Sam old compulsive gambling ass is trying to borrow a good Dub (in thousands!) outta every citizen. Like I would go slang crack but they want taxes on that shit too! I am not joking, that's how major dealers get caught up...they don't pay their taxes on that drugs their pushing, now that is some retarded shit right there. You got dirty folks over here with the green visor and that tax calculator and an AK-47 trying to calculate how me he owes Uncle Sam on that 750,000 he made in street pharmaceuticals...I have nothing else to say...I'm mad and I haven't even made the money yet.

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