Thursday, February 5, 2009

On some Monumnetal Shit

So...for those in my circle of "I can remember your name without referring to facebook" know that I have been playing to host a dance competition at Foellinger Auditorium for like fucking ever...well now I finally see the ducks lining up for this shit...I have held off on doing this shit because everyone always has dance comps at this school but every year its the same fucking teams doing the same fucking routines and I honestly want to put my shotgun in my mouth and add a new orifice to my head. However since I enjoy the limited orifices that I currently have in my head I have taken the latter route and decided to do my own show. I figure that having some important people there to host and to judge and not have the same biased and wack judges people normally get would be step number one. Step number two would be to limit the amount of wack teams allowed to be in the show by fucking ZERO...which means that teams actually have to not be hot garbage to be show and will actually be competing for the large amount of money that I have decided to throw at them.. Large amounts of money you say? That's right all you dancers and dance teams that normally get a mere $1000 for the dance shows in the past and that's for first and nothing else...I have decided to raise the stakes in order to bring the quality teams out the wood work. 1st place is $2k, 2nd place is $1k, 3rd place is $500...with only 9-10 teams and a mere $150 registration I might as well be giving the shit away.

This is taking oodles and oodles of planning and scheduling but once i lock down the people for the show and lock up the location with contracts and padlocks, then I will put the shit out there and open the flood gates to getting the qualifying tapes, video links, and you tube uploads. That's right you have to prove that you are even worth competing in the show with video evidence, this ensures no wackness...cuz wackness is bad, mmmkay? I am going to try and get as many cool and important people to come to the show and do stuff but remember people this is a damn recession and these important people seem to want actual money just to go places so yea...I gave up the kidnapping a while ago so that shit is out...but yea right now I am looking at Chicago natives because those are my people so Stay tuned tho because once contracts start getting signed there will be video commercials, printed posters, and all other types of media that will be getting the word out about all this yea. Back to monumental shit.

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