Monday, February 16, 2009

Ode to my

While watching a new movie on Ninjavideo tonight, "Kill Theory", I realized a very important truth as I would like to call it...there are some really FUCKED UP people in the world. So with that being said I feel comforted knowing that I own a arsenal that can put down a small army if need be...not that I am expecting it but in case it happens I am prepared. I think people do so many things to prepare for that "rainy day" in their lives but who really prepares for some shit like in "28 Days" or in "Friday the 13th" or even "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and the list can go on and on. Granted a few of these movies have characters that are magical and don't seem to die however everyone stumbles or at least gets knocked down after getting hit with good ole pump shotgun. So if you are too stupid and incapable of finding a fucking road and running down that shit well fuck you deserve to get ass fucked by the 7 foot nigga with a hockey mask and chainsaw. The fact remains is that in every single one of these movies there is either only one gun or one clip and they eventually either lose the gun or run out of bullets. WTF? Bullets are cheaper than bags of chips! So why the fuck would you only buy one clip or box of bullets??? Why not get the damn Sam's Club portion of bullets to go along with the rest of your groceries? Or go a even bigger step forward and get more than one gun! Granted I am not saying have a underground armory like they had in Terminator 2...although that would be the best birthday gift in the world! lol...but seriously people guns save lives when some nigga is in your house trying to mangle and ass/mind fuck you to death.

Some people think that my fascination with weaponry be it knives, swords, guns, a bit alarming or off base, hell a psychologist would see that as being a red flag to some fucking violent disorder...and you know what I say to that? You are the first mf'er dead when some shit pops off...who's house are you going to when you have a live or die issue the nigga prescribing you Prozac or the nigga with a AK-47? lmao...seriously tho. People are always so stunned and shocked when some shit goes down and they are crying and screaming and crawling on the ground and backing themselves into corners when they need to be up and fucking hitting record time sprints. Case in point, in one scene of this movie "Kill Theory" these ass clowns are in a van and the one psycho puts a laser target on this dude and shoots him...the first thing I thought was ok so the dude is clearly to the left and based on the shot and the fact that this is a normal rifle the best range he has is about 300-400 yds, and it was a bolt action rifle. So that means just run in the opposite fucking direction zig zagging and theres no fucking way you are getting hit. OK most people probably don't think about that or to that extent...thats fine. The point is I haven't heard of to many bulletproof niggas in real life (minus Tupac..and we see how far that went...and 50 cent lol) so if I have more guns and more bullets I win its just that simple. What if you run out of bullets tho Kris? Well that's simple...thats why I have knives...knives don't run out of bullets that keep on working until you drop it running like a bitch or the "villain" take that shit from you and well hey you deserve to get gutted at that point. This is why I think I will get everyone on my Christmas list some type of it a knife, night vision goggles, or a concussion grenade, the shit will be there to ensure that you make it out of that forrest, lake house, haunted hotel, or zombie infested city. Don't worry you can thank me later lol.


  1. I am moving into a new place and I def need a gun of some sort! I need to learn how to shoot it too!

  2. I must say i love guns as well. its just a family tradition/gene