Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good good news..

Today I finally got some good news about a situation that has been plaguing my life for months...hopefully it will get resolved positively soon. The other good news that I had today was that I got in contact with some people that I want to work with on some future projects that I was planning (sidenote does it make me gay that I know the words to "I want to run to you" by Whitney Houston? lmao thats my shit). Tomorrow I have an appointment to meet with this clown David Wetzel from Barr Real Estate (this guy is fuckin the epitome of a unkept & sloppy) to see the building that I would push an old woman down the stairs to seriously I would do it for the for real...serious face. There are few things that would be deal breakers on this building though, primarily the price because if it exceeds $85,000/year then it wouldn't make sense to invest the time and money. To be perfectly honest I am hoping to get the building for $.50/square ft. because that way I would have more room to work with and have a larger profit margin. Also I need to go and do some speaker shopping because if my plan works with the building then I will have that 2500 sq. ft. space that I am plan to use to be an after hours spot downtown. In addition to that I am going to need some type of different lighting system that at least fits in with the theme of more than just a big ass room to party in, so I might even add a stage as well for live music.

In addition to all of this I need to start and making contact with the local shops and salons, as well as contacting people in town to find the best barbers, stylists, and braiders in the area and get them on board. I have a new total of 23 spaces available that I need to get filled and contracted upon. This spot is gonna be so fucking crazy people are going to be blown away and I think we might be putting a few people out of business, which although fucked up is actually my intentions. I need to start getting paperwork ready for the LLC registration, company logo, and a website made soon after. Soooo much shit too do but its all riding on tomorrow, hopefully tomorrow will be a day of good news as well.

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