Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Material Things

I have been wondering for some time now if I am a bad or shallow person because I like shit such as cars, clothes, electronics, houses, and pretty much a bunch of other shit I probably don't need. Well I have decided that I am not a bad person at all and that its ok for me and others to want more and more shit and not to be just "happy with what we got." The fact is I came from nada and had the desire to have certain things not because people think that they are the "must have" item but sometimes just because I like the shit. Take fore example vehicles...ahh my love of cars...I don't think its ridiculous to have numerous cars even if I don't drive them all the time because cars and driving is something I love. I think that if I bought something like a RollsRoyce then that would be materialistic because I don't like those kind of cars and that wouldn't be true to me. I think that as long as you remain true to yourself and don't become a sellout lol you will be good.

Keeping that in mind I have decided that I actually need to keep that in mind when it comes to chicks (ladies lol sorry if I sound like a dick head lol) because if I get a girl that is all about shopping walmart or target and feels that trendy clothes or expensive cars are frivolous then we won't work out too well. Now slow up before I get some backlash on that statement so I can explain my psychology here lol. If I think these items are important and part of the reason that I am working as hard as I do is toward these things and she doesn't have the same feelings or understanding that it will create problems. For example lets say she feels as though I am neglecting her for my work then she will immediately attribute it to I am neglecting her for these "things" [ work = things; work > her:. things > her] yea I had to hit yall with an equation lol, thanks PHIL 103. That doesn't mean im going for some gold digging chick trying to take half my shit (good try scallywag better read that prenup lol), I just need to make sure I have someone that is a little "materialistic" lol. Plus I have been listening to that Jamie Foxx song "She Got Her Own" and I have to say that if I didn't mind the potential mean mugs I would have that shit playing at my wedding. Like that dumb ass song that women seem to love from Beyonce "Independent Woman"...that shit was stupid...now "She Got Her Own" is my shit because not only is she independent she is putting something into the deal. She not only can buy her own shit but if it came down to it she buy me some shit too, not that I am saying I need that but the option is nice.

This is a tip for the women out here...just think...you are a boss in your own right and got your own shit (car, clothes, home, etc..) and then you get you a man who is also a boss and has his own shit right? Ok so now you two compliment each other right so now you start expecting shit (not all women but the majority fit this category) so you are thinking "ok well he makes good money and he knows I like " ______" so he should be able to buy that for me. Granted we all know you can buy it yourself but you want him to get it for you cuz he's your baby and all that bullshit lol. Personally I say that's some bullshit but ok I am usually that goofy nigga wine and dining lol so yea I grab you that "______" and you are all happy and like yay thanks boo and show your girls and they are like "Girl your man is the shit blah blah blah." SO not only did you get your thing but you also got to be the top chick in front of your girls but what do I have to show for myself?? Ok so you got a smile on your face lol...but all I see is a damn Misc. Expense in my Excel spreadsheet. This gets me to the point...where the fuck is my gift?! If you are a boss you should be out at the damn BMW dealership talking about "Yea I know my man loves this M5 in black with all the options...oh, its almost 100k? That's ok..ima boss wrap that shit up." Ok so maybe that was a bit extreme of an example..but the point is this..if you guy goes and grabs you that Fendi Handbag, why don't you step up to the plate and go grab that nigga a Macbook Pro...or he dropped you that Tiffany bracelet with matching ring, and necklace...so you hit him with a Louis Vuitton Presidente' Briefcase...I mean it doesn't have to be quid pro quo, but you can't have the scales tipping in your favor because eventually he is gonna see you as just another bill and not a partner. Guys like Louis Vuitton shit too lol.


  1. In the words of Chris Rock, "Do you take p*ssy?" LOL...u have 2 see the clip 2 understand what I am saying tho! It is from "Kill the Messenger", quite hilarious and spoken w/ much truth. :-)

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