Friday, January 2, 2009

Take Take Take...Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

I have always felt like the world was on my shoulders and I still do from everything to family life, business, and just in general. I understand that its my natural tendency and nature to try and take on the most responsibility and workload but at the same time most of it just is placed in my lap as just being part of the things that I am supposed to take care of. I don't remember signing up for that and I am starting to get tired to being expected to just "take care of things" when there is an issue or problem. I feel that I am more then generous with the amount of myself that I give to others yet there are just so many people that not only believe that I am not giving enough but have the audacity to suggest that I am only thinking of myself or selfish...Selfish? I can really be selfish if I wanted to and stop giving a fuck...But then I will still be the bad guy. So many people close to me know that I try to take on everything and suggest that I stop it however I am always like if I don't do it, who will. Well maybe we should find out who will because after I find some "clarity" I just might do that. I might just start thinking just about me, since apparently that's all I do anyway.

I think I will pick a month and dedicate that month only to me...hmmm now to pick a good month.

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