Wednesday, January 7, 2009

IKEA, interior design, imagination...and keeping budget

I am totally in infatuated with bamboo flooring off all kinds of colors, stains, and even styles (wide plank, vertical strand, horizontal etc..). Which is why every single property that I own either jointly or singularly will have flooring of bamboo in place of traditional hardwood. In my mind I wanted to mix the naturally light pine colored bamboo with something a darker like an espresso or walnut color and have them stripe similar to these pictures. I was so happy to actually see an example of my idea being used so I can get a clear idea of how it would look in a real environment...and its fucking hott! The one thing I would want to play around with is the layment of the wood in contrast with the property. What I mean is in the picture they decided to go with a diagonal lay going right..I would want to get an idea of how it would like if it was laid vertically or horizontally, the opposite diagonal, or even
herring bone style (parquet) just so I can get all my options in front of me. I think that I will stick with keep the majority of my units a solid color, and make the penthouse unit like the real treat since it will always cost more. It would be really nice if I could find a way to make the roof of these units accessible by the tenants to make some sort of roof patio, they have them in downtown Chicago and new york all over the place. I think the main thing I will have to do is find a place where I can get a bulk supply of bamboo, stone (granite, marble, travertine, and ceramic tile. I am totally opposed to all things carpet lol...i fucking hate carpet and it looks like shit to rugs and textiles I am totally not opposed to. The main thing I need to figure out is what I am plan to include with all my units and what I need to leave for the tenant to purchase because I know I can get a bit buck wild when it comes to hooking a space up and I need to remember that these fuckers aren't inclined to take care of this shit and if they fuck it up ima wanna slap the shit outta someone and I can be slapping my tenants. At the present time I am thinking of staying with stainless steel appliances: microwave, oven (gas or electric still needs to be decided), dishwasher, and refrigerator and getting all the same kind for each unit. The only unit that may be different from the rest is the penthouse units, which may have a slightly more upscale version of each but its all dependent on the price and my bottom line, or I could just sell the penthouse units as condos...all depends.

There are also a few things that I want each building to have: updated boiler & central HVAC, updated circuitry with GFCI in all units, iron fence, adjacent parking lot/spaces, surveillance system with night lighting for parking lots, free wifi to my tenants, and outside meeting area that can be rented lol (barbecue pits lol).

I need to find a good interior designer that I can work with on all my projects that is relatively young or at least will provide me a discount if a continue to use them on my projects either per city or state...or if they are really a beast on all my real estate projects permanently. I have been searching through IKEA's website for the past 15hrs and I am thoroughly impressed with their different designs that they have and even their model rooms that are actually using the items in the space. I want to Chicago and just spend a day in both IKEA as well as other major Chicago furniture, and design stores/boutiques. There are plenty of different things that I want and I think that the best way for me to furnish/design my own spot would be to focus room by room so that I don't lose focus on the theme and design each room will have. I hope that I can build a office/library/music room in my own unit that is filled with floor to ceiling bookcases, a sofa or chaise for me to sit and read or listen to music, and a desk for me to work out my own designs and ideas with my files, computer, printer, and music. The shit is gonna be so retarded...people will never wanna leave my place lol.

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