Friday, January 2, 2009

My 2009 To Do list..not resolutions

Every year people always come up with some resolutions that they have about their lives that they plan to put into action with the new year, however I have always thought this was silly because why wait for the marking of a new year to make changes in your life? Why not put your plan into action right when you feel the need for change? This is why I don't have New Year's resolutions, but rather I have a set of things that I would like to accomplish within a year's time frame that way its not as if I have simply waited until the culmination of a "ball drop" to say "ok now its time for me to stop putting this off and make some changes." So with that being said I have a pretty optimistic view of how 2009 will be for my life.

The first and most drastic change will be that I am returning to school to finish my studies at the Univ. of Il and finally fucking graduate! I am actually kinda excited about doing this because even though I have never been a big fan of school I have always been a advent seeker of knowledge and higher learning. With that being said now that I have a direct purpose and path that I am eager to seek, it will be with open arms I embrace this task that lies before me of completing my undergraduate college education. I plan to simultaneously take the necessary classes as well to get my real estate license if possible while in school this spring or if necessary during the summer if the courses are available at that time. I don't think that I would be able to finish the necessary classes within this semester so what I will do is work as hard as possible to try and overload my schedule so that I can take as many classes as I can now and next fall so that during the spring when I am gearing to graduate and leave for Atlanta I will have a lighter course load.

In addition to this we will take the final steps to acquire the building which will be the site of our company headquarters, or Champaign residence, and our nightclub that we and I am sure many others have been desperately awaiting. The excitement for this step has been building slowly for over 3 years now from its simple mental conception to now and soon something much more tangible and real. I will take the necessary steps to quickly acclimate to the new working situation so that I can not only perfect the craft within a year's time but also be able to pass the reins to my successor after I graduate and have to leave for Atlanta. Although this is my baby I must not dedicate my time and energy to the success of only one project because that would be a travesty in limiting my capability and potential. In addition to this I will have the necessary means and equipment to make it as if I were there even when I am not. I know from my training and experience how to allow my financial data paint a clear picture of how my business is doing with me not there. If I teach them the system and they use the system, then there won't be a problem whatsoever at reach the results that I am expecting.

I plan to live my life more fully now and not focus solely on my work because I feel that if I don't I will simply ignore quite possibly the best years of my life and that will be the biggest failure of all. I plan to indulge in new passions and interests, while at the same time resurrecting old ones, such as dancing and martial arts. I plan to devote more time to my physical training which will also involve a change of eating habits and diet. I plan to start dancing again because I can still remember how much fun and excitement that brought me when I used to do that in high school. I plan to get outdoors much more often by going camping/hiking with sphinx, which will also give me the opportunity to get more into my photography. I hope to also get the time to get more training with my rock climbing as well so I plan to create the budget so that I can get me some full outdoors gear such as a tent, bag, climbing gear, hiking shoes, camp tools, and anything else I might need. Along with that I plan to sell my car at some point and time to get a SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee) that I have been wanting and needing for a while, due to the love for the outdoors and sphinx.

The last thing that I plan to do is be more open to the affairs of the heart...I have been closed off to others for a long time for a few reasons, and now that my life has found a stronger direction and purpose I feel that I shouldn't simply build and empire then start looking for someone. It would be much wiser of me to build my empire and recognize when the person who may or may not be a good partner comes along, but at least I will accept the possibility for once. I am going to start thinking of me a little more..which doesn't mean I won't think of others as much but I won't sacrifice my own happiness or allow it to take the back seat anymore. Besides someone has already sparked a bit of interest with me...and I plan to pursue to see what comes of it, what the hell right? I have always been a sucker for a pretty smile lol.

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