Monday, January 3, 2011

Well well well look what the mf'ing Thundercat drug in...

It's been well over 2 years since I wrote something in my blog...and that is a damn shame there is so much that has happened since then so much that has gone down...up...sideways...etc. I feel like my blog was this chubby cute chick with potential and if I just stayed on her ass she woulda be too fine...a hidden gem...a rookie video hoe pre-bust downery..but now I have let her go and get chubby|chunky and I gotta get her ass back to the point of where I left off to take her to where she needs to be. So just to keep things in perspective I will give a quick update:

  • School: I have graduated from Univ. of Illinois with a BSLA in Psych with a Minor in English...big fucking whoop...I don't give no Fuck. #seriousFace
  • Real Estate: Took all the real estate classes I needed to be a licensed agent (never went and took the state test tho lol...ah well), and until today I have been working in Real Estate for the past 8 months...whoa..its been that long?!..wild.
  • Karisma: who knew that someone that started as just as fun would turn into a business that has multimillion $ potential...go figure.
That's it in a nutshell...there's a shit load of stuff I am leaving out but hey I got shit to do these days lol...speaking of I need to get washed up & dressed so I can meet with my business banker and talk to him about opening a line of credit for The Karisma Effect.

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