Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Community Chest & Chance Cards

So while chatting with my best friend B* I decided that I am going to actually make this blog be somewhat useful with the Kris tip of the day lol...fuck you all that are now laughing or making any comments lmao I hate you all lol...No but I'm serious, through all my research and reading I have been doing and still do kinda keeps me abreast (lol breast...) of alot of good information that you may find useful, from all kinds of different topics from finances, cars, real estate, credit, electronics, fashion & food/drinks. SO with that being said everyday I will give some bit of information that will be categorized as either a Chance Card or a Community Chest Card, gotta stay in monopoly theme right? Now don't get me wrong I am far from a professional on any of the topics that I will be discussing, however all of the information that I will provided will have been not only researched thoroughly but tested and tried first hand by myself to make sure that its actually accurate.

If you happen to try anything I say and it works for you or even doesn't work for please make comments so we can figure out what went wrong or right. Also if you are checking out my blog alot please make sure to become a follower so I can see exactly how many people I have tuning in lol.

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