Saturday, December 27, 2008

Money...the necessary Evil

Well in my boredom and need to get my ideas on paper I decided to start a blog to just keep track of my thoughts and ideas of world domination lol...well maybe not world domination but at least some type of domination lol. I was talking with a good buddy of mine, Chuck, and we were discussing why we do what we do and came to a great understanding about money. Money is not evil!...the love of money...well now that may be evil...and if it is evil it is a necessary evil. I mean people always bitch and complain about saying material things are not necessary to be happy or you shouldnt complain about what you don't have but mostly these are people who are usually paid out the ass...for example T.I. has a song where he starts off by saying "you should stop talking about what you ain't got, and be happy for what you got."...Fuck you T.I. I bet you weren't saying that when you buck o' five weighing ass was on the block trying to get that record deal.

I dunno I just hate when rich people say money isn't damn right its not becaus you have it lol...tell a bum money isn't everything and let me know how that goes for you...after you wake up after being fucked up, robbed and hopefully not raped by a group of angry homeless people who wanted to prove a point. But I am rambling lol. The reason I work as hard as I do is to effect change...Sorry Mr. Obama not trying to steal you fire here lol. Seriously though thats why I work as hard as I do...I would be lying if I didn't say money wasn't a motivator but its only because money is vital step to leading me to things/places I am trying to reach. For example I can't walk into the BMW dealership and say "Hey Mr. Salesman I am a really nice guy and I am nice to others, so with that being said I will take the M5 in black with all the options for the free." I need money to get that lovely you may ask do you really need a do you really NEED to eat steak for dinner, your ass could go out and kill a squirrel and eat that shit. The point is be weary of giving advice or making a point of criticism that makes you a hypocrit because deep down inside someone wants to slap the shit outta you and with enough liquid courage, one day they might just do it.

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