Sunday, December 28, 2008

Photo Shoot

Sunny day and nice weather is the perfect combination to have a photo shoot of my favorite place in Champaign. This is where I want to start my Empire...this building is diamond in the rough of this city, nestled in the industrial district of the city. Abandoned and neglected this building has definitely seen better days but with a little imagination and creativity we can revive back to its former glory and beyond. This is going to be ground zero for our the future takeover as well as the personal residence for this city so its going to be crazy...check the proposed renovations below....

Nowhere in the entire city is there anything like this...well maybe the Champaign Public Library that they just built...funny thing their ideas were exactly the same as mine (no I didn't steal their shit I have proof I had my shit before the library was even built)...but it shows that the city is moving a more modern direction as far as architecture goes. The Chicago industrial style of architecture with brick, steel, glass, and wood (bamboo for us though) is that hottest shit to me. I have always been into the old style of a place like with the brick exposed and the rustic look...distressed...antique'ish lol.

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