Sunday, December 28, 2008

WTF is Vanilla Soy?!?

This is a random excerpt but I had to write something about it since those who know me know how much I love milk (Red Top...yes..the Vitamin D!)...I have accepted that some people (some crazy people) think that the Red Top is too "thick" and have been drinking 2% or 1% milk, hell some people even drink skim milk (I tried some a few days ago...wasn't as bad as I thought). At the end of the day its still milk...its just like putting water in antifreeze to break down the concentration before you put it in your cooling system for you car, with the Red Top being the highest concentration of glorious milk. However, during a conversation with a particularly intriguing lady (for numerous hilarious reasons) she informed me that she didn't drink milk but had vanilla soy with her cereal. WTF is Vanilla Soy? That was my question, so I had to find out (mostly because she went idle on my ass lol) and then I found this nonsense.

"The wholesome flavor of vanilla adds just the right touch of sweetness, sure to tempt any taste bud." my question remains...When did milk become the devil? I mean wtf...i grew up on milk and you had to drink milk so you could be big and strong lol. Now we got this shit. I mean milk is up there with heroin on the streets, where you gotta find a dealer to get that "good shit." What is the world coming to when you can't even have a cold glass of milk anymore? We will see what you soy lovers are saying when you get older and you have a lack of calcium and have weak as bones and teeth. Gonna be in the crib trying to eat one of the Worther's Originals hard candy and your teeth are just gonna fall out...and ima be there with my glass of milk and my hard candy with a smile on my face and twinkle in my eye.


  1. sounds pretty gross to me!! i don't drink milk anyway tho~

  2. OMG! vanilla soy and soy in general contains calcium as well so those of us who drink soy, we will not have a problem with a lack of calcium when we are older. And I think it is pretty gross that you drink whole milk.